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Re: Teeter Totter (has nothing to do with playgrounds :p)

Chapter 14: The Afterlife

As practiced, we started right at dusk, as soon as the sun made it past the horizon.

I had spent a few hours collecting energy around the school. I wandered around invisible, sipping energy away from anyone I passed. Each sip seemed to act like a jolt of adrenaline or an added sugar and caffeine high. In all the practices, we never actually opened the door, which was supposedly the toughest part, and unfortunately, my job. I had felt exhausted nearly every time so I had no idea how I was going to be able to do it. After the walk around the school, I felt like I had nearly double my usual strength, but it was still not enough. I knew that the Shadows was going to be supplementing my magic much more heavily than before, but it didn't really help my nerves. I still needed enough to fight him on the other side and then close the portal.

With each step down the tunnel to the Room of Magic, I could feel the air grow heavier and colder until it felt like I was pushing against breathable, cold water.

"About time," I heard a mutter rumbling through the air.

We each took our respective positions at where the triangles making the pentagram would be.

The air began to thin as the stone ground began darkening. Once it was a dark grey, it seemed to compact into the thin lines forming the star, along with a semitransparent paper-like material forming walls.

While the air was thinner, it was just as cold as before.

We each began chanting different spells in our respective languages.

"Let darkness surround us,

Take our hearts,

Light fuel our actions,

Create a portal,

From our material world,

Away from the earthbound mortals,

Away from Mother Earth and Father Time,

Into realms unknown

By living flesh

And souls connected to the children of the Earth

Let us travel to the sanctuary of the dead

And rip a hole into their safe world-"

The beginning of all our chants were the same, but this is where I had to concentrate on my own. I blocked out everything else, making sure I got every word correct, while supplying a constant force of will and control on the structure of the spell.

Acera was the one who was going to be supplying the shadowmagic portion of ripping open the portal with me, but the Shadows was going to be maintaining the opening. Moe focused on keeping excess energies from disrupting the fabric of the spell. Corin was maintaining the actual energy flow. And of course, the Shadows was supplying most of the energy. I had to supply much of the regular magic

It was a good thing we had done this so many times before, or I would've been extremely distracted by everything going on around me. I dared not check what they were doing in fear of disrupting my concentration.

"Allow two subjects in,

Despite life still in their limbs,

Into this unexplored universe-"

We repeated our chants over and over again until it was finally around two in the morning.

Despite the darkness around us and the thin walls of magic, I could see the center begin to glow, faintly at first, but then it started increasing in brightness .

It seemed to be a color wheel. Colors spun uncontrollably and it was a good few minutes before they began to slow down.

I still felt somewhat energetic so I was certain I would be able to complete the final stage of the spell. I began feeding more of my regular magic into the spell.

Finally, the portal was starting to open. I could literally see the pentagon shaped space in the middle begin to increase in brightness until I could clearly see a rough ground and a few body parts like arms and feet. I even saw some branches covered in green and orange leaves. They only seemed to exist within the pentagon, as if the thin walls were cutting them off from the rest of the world. Everything seemed ghostly and semitransparent within the enclosed area.

Slowly, a few souls began to gather within the small area to gaze in awe at us, or at least they seemed to.

The ground began to rumble as I put in the final jolt of magic, and the wall between me and the afterlife disintegrated.

"Now," the air around me seemed to whisper.

I stepped forward, hesitant and I walked in .

I felt a sudden tug and the souls hissed at me, "Alive, alive." An unseen force tried to push me out, hard. I stumbled backwards, unable to resist, but a shadow came from behind and tried to push me through.

I began gasping for breath as I struggled against whatever was keeping me out. From the corner of my eye, I could seen Corin attempt to come in too, suffering the same way. But once I got in, I saw the world of the dead as a sort of veil over my world. "Now!" my voice wheezed out, when I saw that Corin had gotten in too.

The air seemed to stiffen around me, but I had made it in already and I could see that Corin had too.

"Don't you dare, Acera!" Before, everything had seemed semitransparent, as if I were in limbo between life and death but things started solidifying. I could begin to see our world fading.

I tried to help close the portal but nothing I did seemed to help so I settled on just getting rid of the shadow that came in with us.

It reared up and took the shape of Arach. "You fools! You've only trapped us here!"

I raised a hand and snarled "Depletum!"

I felt the Shadow struggle and try to leave, doing the magical equivalent of biting his hand off. Energy flowed from it and into my own magical reserves. Soon, the dark mass was gone. Feeling slightly more confident now, "So why did I need you to help me then?" I asked Corin.

"I'm here for moral support."

I rolled my eyes, same old Corin. "Any idea how to get out?'


"So helpful."

But he was off already and I quickly followed suit.

"What are you doing?" I hissed.

But he ignored me. "Do any of you know how to get us back?"

"Fools," said a woman, "When you cross the boundary between life and death, there is no turning back."

"But we're not dead!" I said.

"Life and death is a precarious balance. It's a fool's game to tamper with that. You cannot easily change this."

"There is no portal for ghosts?" I asked.

"Well, yes, but-"

"Why couldn't we go through?" Corrin challenged.

While the female spirit looked like a very strict old woman and was still somewhat transparent, the next one that came up seemed fairly solid. "Technically, but by the time you get there, you'd be dead anyways. "

"What do you mean?"

"Everything is about balance. Neither the best or the worst of us will feel completely satisfied here. Those who have become much more balanced will. Sinking too much into darkness or light means absolutely no access to the Betweenland, a large stretch of area in the center of this world."

"An equal amount of each is desirable, but it also means that you will never have any access to the portals. Being balanced is the key to being complete. How balanced you are determines where you are here, but if you're in the wrong place, it sucks energy out of you," a halfway solid old man said.

Not any old man, Darius. My eyes widened and I took a small step backwards.

"Yes it's me, Aurelie," he said, a sad smile on his face.

Corin looked from me to him. I heard his voice in my head. "Who's the old dude?"

"Dude?" I thought back. "Well, he was my first teacher. And first murder."

"Surprised to see me here?"

I couldn't choke a word out so I merely nodded numbly.

"I've been staying here lately anticipating your arrival. Maybe all of this wouldn't have happened if I had been honest from the beginning."

Finally finding my voice, I whispered, "Don't blame yourself."

"Well, when things come to this, it's rather hard to blame you; you should be safely in school, not facing possible death."

"So can we get back?" Corin demanded.

Darius was silent for a moment.

Darius was silent for a moment. "You, boy, no doubt about it. You might have to push yourself a bit but you will definitely be able to make it. Her, possible, but she'll be needing a lot of help."

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to will back the tears.

"Well, if you don't belong there, it's very hard to stay there. It feels like it's too cold and the air feels very thick, but it's really all about energy. The dark energies will affect her more, but there's no way she could possibly make it the other way."

"So why is it bad to be only good or bad?"

"Going to the living as a ghost eventually drives one insane and that's usually what they try to do. And besides, at a certain point, no matter what kind of person you are, the environment starts to sip away at you and start going crazy unless you change." Darius was looking at me intently but I avoided his gaze. I saw him make a move to step forward before he caught himself.

I spoke first, still avoiding his eyes, "I'm so sorry."

"You keep feeling remorse and you will never get back. No need to cry over what's already done." He came over and kissed my forehead, "I'm proud of you," he said, smiling sadly."

"How do we find it?"

"I never did, but here," he gestured to someone else. "Say hello to my wife." The woman looked somewhat younger, but she was still rather old. She was actually solid, as well with pure white hair and looked like she was once very beautiful . She seemed vaguely unpleasant but nowhere near evil.

"Hello," she said, "I'm Melanie, I died nearly a century ago."

I tried not to shiver at her words.

"I only went through once but you will know when you find it. In the middle of the Coldland, just remember to head to the door of light at the end. You can't miss it. Simply keep walking due east." I gasped as the tip of her finger literally disappeared and a compass appeared in her hand. I could already see another ghostly tip start solidifying there. When she handed it to me, I could see the needle pointing straight toward the direction of the trees that had colorful leaves.

"Aren't compasses supposed to point north?" I asked.

"Reality works differently here," she responded, winking.

"Go now," Darius urged.

"Can't you come with us?" I pleaded. Corin shot me a glare.

"No, it's not what we are meant to do," he stated simply. "Now go. I hope I won't be seeing you in a few more centuries at the least."

As we left, he waved to us, which I returned halfheartedly.

If anyone has ideas on how to make the chant sound better tell me, because it still sounds really bad from where i'm sitting
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