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Re: Teeter Totter (has nothing to do with playgrounds :p)

Chapter 5: Cold and Dead

"How are we supposed to survive here?" Corin, or I guess Culvox, asked. For the first time he looked a bit scared. It kind of made me feel warm and fuzzy inside to see that.

"I'm not sure, but everything just seems...odd here." I'm not exactly sure why. What we were walking through just seemed to be in perpetual autumn, but overall, it looked fairly normal but I didn't like the feeling the place gave me much. It had life to it, it just wasn't my life. "I feel a bit tired, you?"

"Of course. Does your watch still work?"

I had almost forgotten. I always wore a cheap digital watch, one that I hadn't taken off for nearly a year and had almost forgotten about in the excitement. Miraculously, it was still fully functional. "Yep, and how did you know I had it?"

He gave me an annoyed look, "Well, you haven't taken it off in a year."

I tried not to blush. "It's not something most people notice."

"What time?"

"Um, I'm not sure if it's right, but apparently 1 in the afternoon."

"Weird, it adjusted to the time here?"

"I guess. By the way, tell me if you feel like you can't go on anymore, we shouldn't overexert ourselves."

"Talk about it, I bet we're going to have to walk for ages."

"Could we possibly make some sort of vehicle?"

A passing spirit flew above our heads, screeching "Scandalous!"

I looked around. There seemed to be some sort of poor looking village to one side that was mostly covered in trees, with its inhabitants looking at us in complete awe. I guess I hadn't noticed it earlier, but no one here looked fully solid or appeared to bother walking.

I think Corin/Culvox noticed at the same time as I did, because he asked, "Ever flown before?"

"I've glided."

"Close enough, we could try that."

"Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how energy consuming that could be?"

"Well, not today, but later when we feel more refreshed."

"I still doubt it'll help much."

He was silent for a moment and I could feel the magic stirring around him. "Damn your right."


"I can't seem to get energy from the environment."

While we kept plowing forward, I noticed a couple of things.

One, with every step I took, the temperature seemed to drop very slightly.

Two, this place was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Already, I could tell that it was based on the four seasons. Back where we had entered, on one side were trees just starting to grow back their leaves, melting snow, plants and flowers starting to grow and over here, the leaves were a medley of warm colors. In a few hours, I could see the amount of leaves on the trees lessening and a thicker layer of leaves on the ground.

For some reason, there were also a constant supply of birds flying to the west. "We don't even really need a compass, we just need to look up."

He gave a small smile but made no comment.


In a few days, it may have been getting colder and colder, but it wasn't anything close to unbearable, and it was still just as beautiful. Before, the gold and orange and red blended perfectly in a canopy of fire but now the fire was crunching underneath our feet while the trees had much less leaves on their branches.

It was also getting rather dark. There was a sun, but instead of traveling from east to west, it went from north to south and in the far west, where it was probably much warmer.
The strangest sight was yet to come. Creating meaty foods directly from magic was impossible but it was quite easy to conjure an animal and then kill and cook it. It was just a bit annoying when we could just quickly create already cooked vegetables if we wanted, even if it was easy to make meat.

The sun had only just set past the horizon and although the sky was still golden there, it was cold and dark here already.

While Corin/Culvox was creating a simple tent and a few sleeping bags (we were taking turns with everything), I had started a fire and was preparing to make some food. "What do you want tonight?"

"How 'bout chicken?"

Well, we hadn't had meat in a while and it wasn't as if I was about to make a cow just for some steak.

I took a medium sized rock from the ground and willed a little power into it and watched it turn into the body of a chicken and slowly animate as I poured magic into it. We had tried to directly conjure stuff from thin air before, but apparently this world was disconnected from anything that had living things in it, even if the world of the banished seemed to have even less life than this place did. I quickly stopped its heart and remove all its feathers and organs with magic before cooking it.

To my amazement, another chicken came out of it a few seconds later, a newly deceased spirit. It clucked and ran off toward the west.

Corin had turned his head when he heard the clucks and scampering and began to laugh loudly. I couldn't help but join in as I saw its head turn around and give us what I swore was an irritated look.

He quickly made a few apples and sat down next to me as he watched me slowly add heat to it through magic. "We would be so useless without magic," he laughed.

"Well, this is the afterlife, how else do we get food?"

He ripped a leg off of the chicken and chewed thoughtfully. "What are we going to do when we get back?" he asked once he swallowed.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, we did ruin the Shadows' big plan, he'll destroy us," he explained.

"As of now, I'm just worried about Acera. The Shadows will destroy her if he can."

"Shouldn't she be powerful enough to stop him? I mean she's several centuries into her queen-ship."

"I hope. I felt that the shadow he sent with us wasn't really as strong as I thought it would be, but that's only a taste of the whole thing."

"Just have faith in her," he said solemnly.

We were silent for the rest of dinner. I looked at him the entire time, wondering what other secrets he could be hiding behind his icy eyes and mostly haughty expression. He was only a few months older than me and I think fifteen (or at least that's what he said), but his eyes belonged to someone who saw a lifetime of pain.

"I'm going to take a shower," I told him, getting up after I finished eating.


"Turning trees into water."

"You're wasting that much energy just to shower?"

"Well, we're going to bed anyways."

"And you say you're not a priss, have fun." I could tell he was rolling his eyes.

"It's a calming thing," I called back, "The point is that it feels good."

I went off a little until I was sure the trees would obscure me. I couldn't even see the tent anymore but I was also pretty sure I could find it again. I quickly took off my clothes, wishing they would just poof off, but of course, banishing couldn't be done without a universe to banish them into. I turned the leaves above me into hot water, expending quite a bit of energy in the process. I didn't really need soap or shampoo since I could clean myself with magic, but I needed the relaxation. When I had finally used up all the leaves above me, I moved over a bit to begin again. But after a few minutes, I finally felt too tired to carry on and put on my clothes again and trudged back.

When I was finally back, I was simply amazed. It was enchanted to be much larger on the inside and although there was only one room, it was complete with a very soft rug, two sleeping bags and a small fireplace. I guess he was just too tired the past few nights to bother. "And you were scolding me for using too much magic."

"Either way, I'm clean without use of a shower," he said, smirking a bit.

"Just go to sleep."

"Goodnight," he answered as we climbed into our sleeping bags at opposite sides of the tent.


I didn't realize how insanely tired I was until my head hit the pillow. I was planning on having to make myself fall asleep, but apparently I was drowsy enough already. Not surprisingly, I heard Corin/Culvox's snores the moment he got in as well.


It seemed as though the farther we went in, the harder it was to make much progress.

Well, at least I felt that way. We made it through the fall portion in like a week, but soon, I felt very different about our journey.

There were so many spirits along the way and like the trees and weather, they became colder and crueler the farther we went.

One particularly nasty looking woman had taken one look at us, put on a disgusted expression, scrunching her nose, and told us in a very malicious tone, "You might as well kill yourselves now, you'll never make it." She left, cackling madly. It wasn't really as much scary as just creepy and strange.

My uneasiness must have shown because Corin gently took my arm and pulled me toward him. "Don't worry about it, she just wants to feed off your misery."

I brushed his hand away and said "I know, I've done it before, but what if she's right? What if we never make it?"

"Don't say that, I'll do whatever it takes to get us back, I swear."

I glared at him. "Don't go all chivalrous on me. I'm just as capable as you are of taking care of myself."

"You heard Darius, I have a higher chance of making at than you do," he replied, eyes flashing dangerously.

He took me hand and held it until we made it to what seemed like the last days of fall before the first winter snows.

We had bundled ourselves in winter coats already and although it didn't seem like he was bothered by it, it seemed like my soul was shivering as well.

This place was still beautiful, but it was simply colder and more evil. It seemed like the world was stuck in various stages of Twilight and dusk. I could see the sun in the west but ti was no longer golden, but had a white blue tinge and cast long dark shadows over here.

There were less trees, and they were either leafless or covered in needles. The ground was hard and frozen and covered by a thin layer of white frost.

"It's really late now," I said, pointing back at the setting sun, afraid of what lay ahead.

I could tell that Corin wanted to keep going, but I must've looked really awful because his annoyance immediately dissipated when he looked at me. "Sure," he sighed.

"So what happened to flying?" I asked, smiling tiredly.

"Tomorrow," he answered.


I woke up absolutely frozen and cold. I tried to snuggle deeper into my sleeping bag, but felt nothing but open air. I was floating. I yelped a bit and heard Corin laughing. "It's nice to get some kind of reaction for once."

I picked him up as well and lifted him high up in the air and dropped in, watching him speed to earth, and caught him a few inches above the ground. I swear I heard him squeak before he started laughing again. "I didn't drop you!" But I felt a sudden increase of magic and pressure as I found myself hurtling toward a tree, then jerking away to start spiraling through the air and then gently deposited on the frozen ground. It was always a wonderful feeling to be in the open air and despite the fact that I didn't have control over what I did, I still felt as free and unaffected as the birds in the sky.

However, when I finally let go of Corin, I felt the taxing effect of magic. It was short lived, but the euphoria of flight lasted much longer. It still didn't stop me from becoming speechless when I saw what I lay ahead a few hours later.

It looked like Hell had frozen over. Before, the frost and snow was pure white, but now it was tinted dull reds, browns and grays. "Bloody hell," I whispered.

"It's not bloody, just dead," Corin said, sounding bored, but I could tell he was just as disconcerted as I was.

Well, if I knew I could certainly make it across with no difficulties, I wouldn't have been so scared but I felt almost certain that I would die first now.

Corin seemed to read my mind because he said "We'll make it."

"You will, I'm not as sure about me."

"Just listen to me, Aurelie, you have to let go of your remorse."

"I just can't," I moaned.

"Do you know what the difference between us and regular sorcerers is?"

"We live off of pain and misery and they live off of happiness and goodness?"

"Well, there's that, but we accept the bad even when we cause it, but most importantly, we're the wave and not the beach-"

"What the heck does that mean?"

"-We allow things to happen and we help them, while the others try to stop the inevitable. Don't dwell on the past, there's only the present and the future."

Well, it was rather ironic that we were going against the forces of death at this point and I felt more like a salmon swimming upstream than anything else. Maybe I was going to make it, but what would the consequences of my actions be?


I felt like if I bundled up in any more coats, I wouldn't be able to move my arms.

It took a while for me to gain some logic in this situation. Finally, I used magic to heat myself. I was still wearing many coats anyways along with some snow-pants but I felt much warmer.

Corin was finally caving in as well. Although he only wore one coat, I could tell he wanted more by the way he was shivering harder. I for one was wearing a leather jacket with fur on the inside, a down coat and a polyester fur coat with the fur facing out, not to mention a sweatshirt, a long sleeve shirt and a tank top before coming to my senses and just heating with magic. I wish I could say my legs had the same amount of protection, but I wanted to be able to move, so only some jeans with fur on the inside and some snow-pants and boots covered my legs.

Corin was wearing shorts and sneakers with a thin looking coat. Idiot.

I wasn't going to bother looking at him anymore. The very sight of his bare legs made me want to shiver violently.

"Corin-" I began, but I was cut off.

"Call me Culvox."

I still thought it sounded awkward, but I didn't feel like arguing for once. "Culvox, I swear I could keep myself cool in the middle of a tropical rainforest just looking at you out here in shorts."

I wasn't looking at him, but I was almost sure he was smiling.

We took so many more breaks in between, trying to huddle together and share warmth. Maybe walking more was smarter, but my joints and muscles ached with cold and weakness.

We found ourselves pummeled by constant wind and snow. We looked back, longing for the warmth that lay beneath the sun on what seemed like on the other side of the world.

I doubt even someone like the Shadows would enjoy being so frozen out here.

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