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Re: Comment on: CoS Forums Closure

Reading this thread makes me sad.

So many familiar names. So many memories that will never be replaced.

I check this site at least once a week. It's probably out of habit but I've never stopped checking in and reading posts. It just meant so much to me. I hardly posted except in the film forum but it was like a nice warm cottage I would visit each week, if only for a few minuets.

This forum was amazing. It will be 7 years in may and wow what I journey. From the Fan Scripts thread to the HBP Discussion many memories. I've met some awesome people here and I'm glad that we had this time together. I hate we never got to finish the Chapter A Day Thread.

I was fine until I read this thread. Wow I'm going to miss it. This is what growing up is about huh? Well we will have the memories. I'll spend the remaining time trying to get in contact with the one's I've become friends with here. IT's crazy how busy life becomes but when you hear something you cherish is leaving you'll drop everything.

I'll miss you CoS. Thank you, all, for being such an important part of my life. For all the hardwork that I had no idea went into keeping this up because it ran so smoothly. For the awesome chats, arguments, laughs, and all around joy that this site brought me.

Thank you.


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