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Re: You Are Cordially Invited...

Chapter 4 – Assertion

As he promised, when Harry removed the cloth wrap from Ron’s head, the affliction caused by George’s newest creation had been expunged. Exhaling in obvious relief, Ron thanked his friend repeatedly.

“Ron, enough! How are you out and about at this hour anyway, I woke up feeling horrible!”

Ron laughed out loud, “Of course you did, you git, you don’t think that was only firewhiskey in those glasses, did you?” Harry glared at his friend, suddenly realizing that Ron hadn’t been the only victim of a Weasley special, this day.

Ron continued, “Eh, what’s eating you? Besides the whirlie gigs that George spiked last night’s drinks with?”

“Nothing really. Well, if you must know, I’m nervous, I mean really nervous. I’m scared and excited. I really can’t describe it.”

Ron laughed out loud, barely containing himself, “Of course you’re nervous, mate! This is a big day, the biggest by far, in your life! My dad said he couldn’t eat for an entire week before he married mum. I felt like my stomach was being batted about by a whole army of Beaters, twice over.” Ron winked. “I’d be worried if you weren’t nervous.”

Somewhat mollified, Harry gave a grin and Ron gave him a playful slap on the back. Ron seemed pleased that he could lend a hand to his friend, and being successful at that, felt it was time to move the conversation on to relevant topics, “So, have you got anything to eat, I’m starving!”

The day passed a little faster, and Harry became more engrossed in the preparations for the big event. He ensured that his robes were in the best of condition, and then, he and Ron left the confines of Harry’s home and went to the wedding site.

Harry and Ginny had selected an open meadow, near the Potter home in Godrich’s Hollow. As Harry and Ron arrived, Mrs. Weasley had the wedding preparations in full swing. A large pavilion had been built in the meadow, flowing in white chiffon. Daffodils dotted the landscape and were beginning to float in the magical wind that Mrs. Weasley created for the atmosphere.

“Ron Weasley! You get over here, right now!” Mrs. Weasley was making a direct bee-line for the two of them. “Yikes, it’s me mum, this can’t be good.”

“Hello Harry, is everything set? Are you ready?”

“Yes, Mrs. Weasley, thanks so much for everything.”

“Tut, tut, not another word. You, Mr. Ron, come with me, you were supposed to be here over an hour ago to help.” With that, the fiery matron of the Weasley clan, grasped Ron’s ear and pulled him along towards the tent.

Harry snickered at the sight. No matter what age he reached, apparently Ron would always be Molly Weasley’s youngest son. It was at this moment that George apparated next to Harry. “Whew, that was a close one Harry, she almost got me!” Harry’s face showed a momentary flicker of discomfort. “What?” asked George, “Oh right, well I do have at least one ear for her to yank, don’t I? ‘ear ‘ear to you, Harry!” With a wink, George headed off, in the opposite direction from his mother.

It was spring in the Hollow, and upon reflection, Harry decided that spring was the ideal time of year to hold the ceremony. At first, Ginny and Harry had wanted to hold the wedding to coincide with the time when both had a relative break from their jobs. Of course, Harry laughed to himself, events seemed to help dictate a slight change of plans, and teach him a lesson about life and love in the process.

Harry gazed at the daffodils floating in the air about the wedding pavilion. As they swirled in and about the currents of air, Harry reflected on the Quidditch match that helped bring about this day.

It seemed like the only time he got to see Ginny, for any amount of time was at her matches. He reveled in being a part of the crowd. Frankly, Ginny was a much more talented Seeker, than Harry had ever been. He marveled at her tenacity, which seemed to match her personality. On the pitch, she was bold, daring and unrelenting. Qualities, as Harry reflected, that she seemed to have in abundance whenever they had a disagreement. The weather on this particular day was exceptionally dismal. Rain and swirling winds, combined freezing temperatures, assured the fans that the match would be a low scoring affair.

The conditions didn’t seem to matter to Ginny. She soared and swooped, spotting the snitch, almost straight away. She dove in pursuit, and increased her speed to mind-boggling velocities. Harry could barely follow her progress. The opposing Seeker, apparently, had no problem seeing Ginny’s movements. In fact, he took a direct, full speed path towards her, and by association, the snitch. The weather and her own determination hid the opposing Seeker from her view. As Ginny reached for the snitch, she felt a massive blow that rendered her senseless. The other team’s Seeker had seriously misjudged his dive and crashed solidly into Ginny. Both Seekers were knocked from their brooms, and both were at a perilous height.

From Harry’s viewpoint, the collision was not readily apparent. In a flash, he saw the two falling competitors, and by that time, it was too late for him to react. At that moment, Harry’s entire world came to a halt. He could not feel himself breathing. All he was aware of was the rampant, incessant beating of his heart, which seemed to be wedged firmly in his throat.


Harry leapt from the stands and onto the playing area. He ran at full speed, crying out her name as loud as he could, “Ginny!” He came upon her crumpled form and he tenderly placed his hands where he could support her head. “Ginny! Wake up, please wake up!” He searched frantically for any sign of life. After a time, she began to stir.

“Ginny, are you okay? Can you hear me?” The obvious note of worry in his voice rousted her from daze. She looked up into his eyes and smiled. Not the teasing smile of prankster, but the knowing smile of one who understands the panic that comes with the thought of losing someone dear.

“I’m perfectly fine, Harry, just a little dazed, that’s all. You should know better, it’s Quidditch, not chess.”

Harry felt the worry leave his body, he exhaled heavily and gazed down at his fiancé. In that few moments between the fear that he had lost her and the knowledge that she would be fine, Harry felt like he had aged years. In that moment, he didn’t want to wait, in that moment, he knew that he couldn’t wait. He wanted them to be together as soon as possible.
“What?” asked Ginny, knowing that the look on his face indicated that he had reached some sort of important epiphany. Harry was always amazed, always thrilled about how well she knew him. “I don’t want to wait a year, or six months. I don’t want to even wait a single day. Let’s get married now, Ginny, no more waiting, let’s just do it.”

“Well, if all it took was for me to take a little fall, I would have let some idiot hit me earlier!” The twinkle in her eyes displayed the love and amusement she felt. “Let’s get married next month, Harry. I promised my mother we would have a decent ceremony. One month, please and I’m yours forever.”

Harry nodded, he could handle a month’s delay, he supposed. He helped her up, to the delightful roar of the crowd.

“Hey, Harry.” He turned towards her, as she stood and held up her hand. Firmly ensconced in her fingers was the snitch! The crowd’s reaction was positively deafening.

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