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Re: You Are Cordially Invited...

Chapter 5 – Elation

Harry had wandered off from the site of his wedding. Eventually, as if compelled, he found himself at the graveyard that held his parents. Making his way to their marker, he reflected on his life. Over the years, he had cleaned the area around his parents marker, and placed a charm that projected the image of how he saw them to the world. Until today, he never really understood the love they had for each other. He thought of Dumbledore, his sister and mother buried nearby, and thought about how he was always learning. So long out of Hogwarts, and he still had so much to learn.

“Harry?” the voice shook him out of his daydream. Hermione Granger Weasley stood before him. She was dressed for the wedding. She looked positively radiant, in a flowing white and lavender dress that seemed to flow effortlessly on her. A crown of lilacs adorned her head and her hair was hanging down to her shoulders, all at once seemingly wild, and at the same time regulated and controlled, much like Hermione herself.

“Hermione,” the smile was obvious in his tone, “you look wonderful!” A small bit of color shaded her cheeks at the compliment.

“Thanks, are you alright? They sent me around to fetch you. It’s almost time.”

“I’m fine, Hermione. I finally, understand them.”


“My parents, I mean, I really understand what drove them. They loved me, there is no doubt about that, but I finally get it, how much they really loved each other.”

“Of course they did, it’s what really powers the universe, you know.” She reached out her hand to him. Harry placed his hand in hers and allowed her to pull him along the path back towards the meadow. Arm in arm, they headed towards the wedding party.

“What’s that? What powers the universe?” asked Harry, once they started on their way.

“Love, it’s what we all have in common. It’s what really binds us together. Muggles, wizards, witches, everyone. If you can love, then you can hope. In the end, it’s what really did Voldemort in, he had no one to love, and no one who loved him.”

Harry contemplated her line of thinking and could not fault her logic. Hermione, after all, was the most brilliant witch of her age. They walked arm in arm, enjoying each other’s company, allowing the sun the bask them in warmth. Harry’s anxiety seemed to have melted away. The three of them, Harry, Hermione and Ron had stuck together, had found comfort in each others’ strengths and now, they would have a fourth. Ginny would bring qualities of character all her own, and Harry knew that it was perfect.

The crowd was gathering. While Ginny and Harry had hoped to keep this a low-key affair, that proved to be near impossible, given the notoriety of both the bride and the groom. Ron was waiting for them as they approached the pavilion . “There you are, I thought you’d bolted, for sure.” Hermione gave her husband a playful punch. Ron leaned down and gave Hermione a light kiss on the lips, which still seemed to produce a slight blush on her cheek. “C’mon, mate, time to get you down the aisle!” With a wink to Hermione, Ron guided Harry down the center aisle of the pavilion.

Harry scanned the crowd, nodding here and there to the faces of his friends that he recognized. On one side, he would wave to Neville Longbottom. On the other side, he caught a glimpse Luna Lovegood. There was Hagrid, sitting in a chair designed just for him. Dean and Seamus had made their appearance. Harry was grateful for their consideration. This was a good day, indeed.

“That Harry Potter sure looks a lot like Barney Weasley.” Harry giggled, even Aunt Muriel had made it in.

“Harry!” For a second, Harry couldn’t identify the source of the voice calling his name. He glanced down, and there stood his godson, Teddy Lupin. Now seven years old, he had delighted in the attention lavished on him by Harry. He understood the importance of the day. His hair had just turned a nice shade of silver and was in a constant state of flux to an alabaster white.

“Hello, Teddy, are you ready?” Harry had given Teddy the job of holding the rings for the ceremony. Hermione had enlightened him to the Muggle custom of the “ring bearer” and Teddy seemed like the perfect candidate.

“You can count on me, Harry!” The little face, so much like Remus, showed determination. “I knew I could, now off you go, it’s almost time.”

Harry and Ron completed their journey down the aisle. At the end, Harry and Ron took their places. Shortly, they were joined by Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic, who would preside. Almost, as one, the crowd grew silent, the time had come.

Harry turned and looked up the aisle. She absolutely took his breath away. Ginerva Weasley was far removed from that little girl who saw him off on the platform that day almost fourteen years ago. Ginny was a woman. She wore a white silk dress that seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. Around her, flower petals floated in a perpetual dance, as if they too were celebrating the vision coming before them. Her brilliant auburn hair highlighted the aura of beauty that radiated from her. Atop her head was the tiara that had been forged by goblins, and shared down the line of Weasley marriages. Maybe by magic, or perhaps in Harry’s mind, Ginny floated down the aisle. As she approached, time seemed slow down.

Harry reached for her hand to bring her towards him. His eyes were transfixed on hers. Hand in hand, they gazed at each other, both having a hint of humor and happiness. Her eyes bored into him, wiping away all the worries of the past, all the fears from the past. In this one moment, he was shaking loose the last vestiges of pain or guilt or anger that had existed. All because of her. She was the key, his compass that would help guide him through the rest of his life.

Kingsley Shacklebolt wended his way through the rites in relatively short order. Teddy performed his task as ring bearer to perfection. As Kingsley completed the ceremony, Ron and Hermione shared a long, loving look between each other. They had both noticed, that at no time during the ceremony had Harry even glanced anywhere but at Ginny.

With the wedding ritual at an end, Harry leaned in and pressed his lips to Ginny’s. Their kiss was long, deep and passionate. It was a new beginning for them both. For Harry, it was the beginning of a normal life. For Ginny, it was the satisfaction of the longing she had sought for. For them both, it was really about time.

In the end, as their lips parted and they turned to face their friends and family. It really was a perfect day. And as a famous author once said:

All was well.

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