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Re: What mistakes in the films can you just not overlook?

I don't worry myself with nitpicky stuff, but large glaring inconsistencies between movies or even between scenes really get my goat. For instance, nobody who worked on these movies seemed to know exactly what Expelliarmus does. Sure, it whips the opponent's wand out of their hand like it's supposed to, but half the time it'll also knock them backwards like they just took a battering ram to the sternum. Probably the worst gaffe is in Goblet of Fire (yay, another excuse to trash that movie!) where Harry shouts "Expelliarmus!" at Krum and sends him flying about fifty feet, then runs over to his unconscious body and kicks his wand out of his hand. Excuse me, but I thought the point of the Disarming Spell was to, I don't know, disarm someone?

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