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Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic


It was night in the forest. Green moonlight spilled onto two figures standing together. Ginny's heart was racing. Harry looked right into her eyes. She gazed back at him, favoring his beautiful emerald green colored eyes. He smiled. Ginny reached out to touch his face, but found she couldn't reach.

Her eyes became blurry. Harry's face became a haze. Suddenly, he turned around.

Rain started falling.

"Harry, where are you going? Harry? Harry!" Ginny screamed.

Thunder boomed. Lightning cast the moon's light to shadows. The rain fell harder than ever.

Her shouts were deaf to his ears. He couldn't hear her over the rain. He walked on.

"No! Come back! Harry, listen to me! COME BACK!" Ginny shouted hysterically. Her hair and clothes were soaked.

Harry's figure disappeared behind the trees and into the distance.

Ginny ran. She ran as fast as she could. But no matter where she went, she was only surrounded by trees. Tall, leering, dark trees.

"No... no... help... someone..."

Ginny sat down, surrounded by trees. She ran her trembling fingers through her wet, tangly hair. Tears leaked from her eyes.

Ginny awoke from her dream, tears streaming down her face. "No...," Ginny muttered, "no... don't go... don't leave me here... unprotected... alone..."

Mrs. Weasley burst into the room and switched the lights on. "Ginny! What's happening? Were you attacked? Did you have a nightmare? I heard you screaming, dear!"

"Mum... it's all right... nightmare..." Ginny said.

Or was it? Ginny thought Would Harry really leave me like that?

Of course he wouldn't. He loves you. her mind answered.

And that, in Ginny's opinion, settled the matter.




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