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Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic


Ginny ran around in circles, looking for Harry.

"No..." she whispered, "No... he's still here, I know he is!"

A figure emerged from the shadows. It was Harry.

"Oh Harry, I thought you had left me!" Ginny said, relieved.

"I can't leave you, Ginny," Harry said, staring into her eyes, "I love you."

Ginny smiled at him. He stroked her cheek, and Ginny enjoyed the moment. He put his arms around her and Ginny leaned her head against his chest.

"But Harry, why did you -" Ginny said, looking up.

Harry was gone. Nowhere to be seen.

"Harry? Harry, where did you go! Harry!" Ginny said.

It was happening again.

"No... no... he's still here! I know he is! He said he loved me! But why did he leave me if he loved me? He left, without saying goodbye!" Ginny ranted on to herself.

The tree branches rustled around her. "Harry?" Ginny said cautiously.

"No, not really. I was just watching," the voice said.

"Where is Harry? Did you see where he went?" Ginny asked.

"Oh yes... he left you," the voice said in a bored tone, "After he said he loved you. Now why would he do such a thing?"

"I dunno... maybe he had to be somewhere." Ginny said impatiently. All she wanted to know was where Harry went.

"I don't think so. Do you think maybe... he's playing you?" the voice asked slyly.

"What do you mean!?" Ginny said in a shocked voice.

"Well, he says he loves you and he leaves you," the voice continued, "Does that not send a message through your head? I think that he just said that so you wouldn't rat him out on where he went."

Ginny said nothing

"Look. Someone's coming to wake you up. But we'll chat again later, Ginny. I'll make sure of that..." the voice faded away in the distance.

"Ginny, Ginny dear. Wake up."

Ginny opened her eyes to see her mum's concerned face staring at her.

"You slept late, Ginny. What happened?"

"It's nothing Mum... I'm fine. Really," Ginny said. She didn't know why she was telling people she was fine when she really wasn't.
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