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Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic


Harry woke up to the sound of an owl at the window. It was the owl that delivered the Daily Prophet in the morning. Harry put 6 Knuts in the small bag attatched to his feet and it flew off.

Harry went down to the kitchen. He was planning on making some muggle coffee. Hermione was addicted to it, and she had to have it at least twice a week. Harry looked around for the coffee mix, but he couldn't find it.

Now I have to go to the store. Great. Harry thought bitterly to himself.

He wrote a note to Ron and Hermione and left it on the table. He went back upstairs and changed into his muggle clothes. Harry stuck some money into his pockets and set off. He walked outside and Apparated to a wizarding telephone booth near a muggle grocery shop.

Harry opened the door from the booth and looked outside. It was a cloudy morning. He walked up inside the store.

The lights shone bright and there was a lot of noise. Many people were just there to eat at the cafe inside. Harry walked by the cafe and to the grocery aisles. He looked up.

"Coffee... coffee..." Harry muttered to himself. "How muggles get along without magic... this is going to take forever..."

Harry finally found the coffee section. He hurried into the aisle to grab the coffee and go. As soon as he walked in, he bumped into someone and knocked down all of their stuff.

"I'm sorry," Harry said, picking up some of the boxes. He looked up.

Standing in front of him was one of the prettiest girls Harry had ever seen in his life. She had long, brown curly hair that surrounded her petite face. She was skinny, about 17, wearing normal muggle clothes. Harry thought she was a normal, muggle woman until:

"You're Harry Potter, aren't you!" she said, shocked.

"Yeah, I am," Harry replied uncomfortably.

"My name is Emma. Emma Dame," Emma said, flustered, "I'm a wizard. My mum's a muggle, so I have to wear this when I go out." She gestured to her muggle clothes.

"Nice to meet you, but I really need to - "

"You're troubled," she said suddenly. "You're looking for something, but you can't find it. There are many of them, all hidden. Several are gone. But you have to find the rest... the pressure builds on you, because you are the only one who knows they exist."

Harry stood there, speechless. He didn't know what to say. He finally found his voice.

"How the heck do you know all that?"

"I'm a skilled Legilimens tracker," she explained. "By reading other people's minds, I can track down objects that are hidden. But I'm horrible at protecting my mind... I just can't get the hang of it for some reason." She laughed.

There was a short pause, while Harry was thinking. He smiled as he came up with an idea. "Emma, would you consent on me searching your mind?" Harry said.

"Sure," Emma said, surprised.

Harry pointed his wand at her. Suddenly, he was swimming through memories. Emma as a child... at parties... falling off her skates... walking through corridors... talking with friends... doing magic...

Harry stopped. She was obviously a normal person. Emma didn't have anything to do with the Dark Arts.

Harry thought it over. Emma would be the greatest use to them. They needed someone like her to join their group.

"Emma, we need your help," Harry said, "Come with me."

Emma had quickly Apparated to her house and explained to her father, who was a wizard, that she was going to work with Harry Potter. She then packed her bags and went with Harry. He Apparated them both to the front of number 11 Grimmauld Place

"I need you to swear you won't tell anyone about this place, Emma," Harry said. "Swear on your wand."

She held out her wand. "I solemnly swear on my wand," she whispered. She recited the spell. A string of blue light floated out of her wand. It wrapped itself around her wand then disappeared.

"Good," Harry said, his conscious clear. He led her to number 12 Grimmauld Place. The house blew up and she gasped. "Come on..." Harry said, leading her inside.

Ron and Hermione had been waiting for Harry. At first, they were shocked to see Emma. But Harry introduced her and told them about her. Harry gave her a room and she flew her bag up. When she had reached her room, she gave Harry a hug.

"Thank you for finally putting some use to my talent," she said breathlessly.

"Right..." Harry said, still recovering from that sudden gesture of happiness. "Come downstairs, Ron, Hermione and I will tell you what's going on."

They went down to the kitchen together. Ron and Hermione were already sitting there and waiting. And then, they explained.

They explained everthing. And while they were talking, she was listening. She took in everything and remembered it, somehow.

"Wow..." she said, once they had finished. "That's... that's amazing."

The time had moved so quickly. Harry looked at his watch. It read 12:09 AM.

"Let's get to bed," Harry said.

"Yeah... I'm tired..." Ron said, yawning.

Ron and Hermione left the room. Harry got up and walked to the stairs. Emma appeared beside him, smiling. She slipped her hand in his. Harry pulled away. There was something strange going on with Emma.




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