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Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic


It was Christmas time in Grimmauld Place. There were little decorations, seeing that none of them got to go out much. Emma was still going to the Burrow every Wednesday to help Ginny with Occlumency. But Ginny's dreams weren't getting any better. She had another one recently, and this one was worse than the rest of them.

Ginny was in the forest again. Harry had disappeared, but Ginny new he was somewhere around there.

"Harry! Harry, where are you? HARRY!" Ginny yelled.

There were voices in the distance. Two voices. One of them was Harry's. The other's was a girl's. Ginny hid behind a tree and watched them.

Harry was talking to a girl. The girl had long brown hair and blue eyes. She was laughing at something Harry had told her. Harry then leaned over and kissed her.

How could he kiss her! Ginny thought. How could he do something like that to me? He said he loved me! He said he loved me... No... I should have listened to that voice. But Harry said that voice was Voldemort.

"But what if he was lying to you?" the voice said.

"How can you hear my thoughts!" Ginny said, aghast.

"Dear, it's your dream. Anyone can hear your thoughts," the voice said smartly.

"But Harry wouldn't lie to me! How could he?" Ginny said.

"He just did. Didn't you see him kissing that girl over there? Wasn't her name Emma or something?" the voice said.

Ginny suddenly remembered. That girl was Emma. But Harry doesn't like Emma more than a friend! How could he?

"Harry doesn't like Emma more than a friend. And like you said, this is a dream. Why should I believe you?" Ginny said suspiciously.

"You don't have to," the voice said, "I know you already do."

The dream had ended there. Ginny hadn't told Harry about what had happened. She didn't want to appear jealous. But Emma was everything: pretty, smart, accomplished Legilimens, and she got to go search for the horcruxes with Harry. It was hard not to be jealous. But Ginny had told Harry that she had another dream. From then on, Emma had doubled her efforts in helping Ginny.

It was the Wednesday before Christmas and Harry came with Emma to go to the Burrow. He had a present for her, and he wanted to give it to her in person. The Burrow was beautifully decorated; there was a large Christmas tree in the living room and there was holly and mistletoe strung over every door in the house.

Ginny wasn't there yet, but there was a note on her bed. It said:

Be there in 10 minutes. Mum wants me to help her with a grocery list before she goes.


"Wow," Emma said softly, "The place looks beautiful."

Harry wasn't listening. He was standing in front of the door, under the mistletoe. There was a small smile on his face as he watched it.

"What's got your wand in a knot?" Emma said.

"Oh nothing... It's just, it was something that happened at school," Harry said, embarassed.

"What, your first snog?" Emma said conversationally. Harry blushed.

"Yeah... I was telling her how the mistletoe was probably infested with nargles," Harry said. She looked at him questioningly, but Harry said, "Don't ask."

"Well... how about another one?" Emma said. She moved closer to Harry, but Harry backed away. Emma didn't seem to notice. She pulled him closer and kissed him.

Harry tried to back away, but Emma pulled him closer. There were footsteps and a voice on the stairs.

"Harry, I'm back, but Mum might be a little suspicious of what I do, so I - " Ginny stopped and stared at them. Harry pushed Emma away. Emma fell back, hurt.

But Ginny just continued to stare. "No..." she said quietly. "NO!" she said again, louder. "Harry, I trusted you! You said you loved me! I really thought you meant it! But now I see. I should have listened to that little voice inside my head! I can't believe you'd do this to me!" She started crying.

"Ginny wait, it's not what you think, I - " Harry began.

"Just go away, Harry," Ginny said. She ran down the stairs and dissolved into tears once more.

Harry groaned and walked back in the room. "Harry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I - " Emma said. Harry cut her off.

"Forget it..." Harry said. He put her present on her bed. "Come on, let's go. I think she needs some time alone."

Emma and Harry touched the portkey and disappeared.

* * * * *

Ginny was in tears at the foot of the steps. She was shaking madly. I knew this was going to happen, I just knew it! She's so much better for him. But I can't believe he lied to me! Why would he do that? Ginny thought. A sigh escaped her lips. Why can't love be simple?

Emma was angry at herself. She had let her emotions get away with her. And what had it led to? Ginny getting mad at Harry. She would probably never speak to him again. And according to Harry, it had been a year since she had last seen him. Why do I have to ruin everything? Emma thought to herself.

Harry didn't speak to anyone for the next couple of days. Most of the time, he sat in an armchair and gripped his hair. To make matters worse, Ron and Hermione were being rather short with the both of them. Emma watched Harry sit miserably in the chair while Ron yelled at Hermione to allow him to explain. She had ruined all of their love lives.




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