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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

*Jumping Ahead a Bit*

There is one older black boy that was also used to put his name in the cup,, and then there's the girl from East Enders that is Angelina Johnson, (but they are much shorter) and Angelina was filmed sitting. Who knows, maybe they cast short for Harry - notice how Neville was always at an off angle in this movie re Harry, either in the river while Harry was on the bank, or actually lying down on his bed while Harry was sitting up eating the chocolates? and Draco up a tree before he becomes a ferret. I think Dan has issues with being short. Hopefully now that he's wiggled his willy on stage he'll be more laid back.

ALso - of course - the mad eye spying on Harry shot !!!!

Finally - you know Filch and his gun - his canon - that keep going off prematurely. I thought of 2 things:

1. A joke about the use of canon.

2. A joke about Wimsey and the chekovian guns that must be fired concept.

Here was a completely non-canon cannon, that fired prematurely and for no reason throughout the movie.

I wouldn't put it past the screenwriters to spend some time in here perusing the theories.

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