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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

What I like the most with this scene is the brilliant way it manages to capture the tension and nervousness of Harry, his feeling of being too young, too unprepared and too alone.

I do not like Hermione in this scene at all. Unfortunately, I don't really like Hermione at all in this movie. Which is a shame, as I think Emma Watson portrayed Hermione almost to perfection in the first two movies and did a very good job in PoA. The mix of acting with her eyebrows and overacting in just about every scene in this movie makes me cringe. I really hope she does it better in OotP, as I am quite convinced of her capability.

I was disappointed too, about losing Ludo Bagman. (As I am disappointed about every deviation from the book ). But I can understand it - this movie introduce loads of new characters, and I believe non-readers will have problem keeping up already. So instead of making GoF into the long movie it should have been - or maybe even two movies or a mini series - they chop it to pieces and sow it together to the best of their abilities, and this is what you get.

Barty Crouch Sr. is... weird. I have no word - neither in English nor Norwegian - to explain how I feel about his character in the movie. I can't put my finger on it, but he is so extremly odd! I never noticed the "Ooooh!"-line until someone here at CoS had a screenshot up - and I laugh myself silly everytime I see it now.

Yes, I noticed too that Gambon often doesn't use the Dumbledore glasses. Why is that?! There is no good reason for it, and makes me dislike his version of Dumbledore even more (if that was possible). As in all of PoA and GoF, I don't see a trace of Dumbledore in this scene either.

When the canon fires, there is a very small scene of Rita Skeeter clutching herself to Cedric in suprise, and gives him a sly grin when she detaches herself from him afterwards. Quite a nice detail in the background.

I love Cedric's reaction too. Very believable. And when Harry sits there alone, listening to the commentaries, I can feel my gut clenching like his surely must be doing. Love that scene - the atmosphere in that little moment is as close to the book as anything.

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