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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Originally Posted by MrSleepyHead View Post
Why not simply show the Unbreakable Vow (the sole important part of this scene - at least, for moviegoers)? It is a swift, mysterious scene before the title (not a lengthy one like in SS/PS), and it conveys more in 30 seconds to 1 minute than a 5 minute scene would.
Why not just show The Unbreakable Vow? Because for me the importance of the scene lies not in the Vow but in telling the reader/viewer that perhaps Snape really can't be trusted. This is even more the case in the films, which have never raised a question of his loyalty - at all. I simply don't feel showing the Vow gets this across enough. I don't think moviegoers (and I hate to just use generalities like that because everyone is different) would mind a five-minute scene like the one I posted.

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