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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Wow, Phrozenone, that is a lot, but it's pretty good, most of it. I mean, some dialogue could use some tweaking, but it's certainly not horrible. You really pared down "The Dark Lord Ascending" and "The Dursleys Departing"; I'm in the process of doing the same for my script, but I am going for longer than yours (or at least the one you just posted). It's kinda weird, though, you and I had some of the exact same lines for those scenes. Interesting choice to have Arthur deliver the items in DD's will; I'd just keep Scrimgeour. but that's just me. Now onto a couple particular things of interest:

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post
Ginny and Hermione both start crying
I must say, this I don't care for. One reason Harry likes (loves) Ginny so much is because she's more restrained emotionally. She doesn't cry easily, and I don't think Hedwig's death would be that occasion. Sorry if that came off harsh.

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post

The spell knocks Grindewalds wand out of his hand and sends it flying in the air. The camera shows the wand flying into the air towards Dumbledore.

But you in all your ignorance forgot that the simplest of spell could do the trick…
(He smiles as he reaches up into the air and grabs Grindewalds wand)
On the other hand, this I just love. I never really felt like we needed to see the duel, but that moment and quote almost has me changing my mind. I can really hear Gambon saying that, too. You know what? It reminds me of that bit in PoA where first, in The Great Hall, Dumbledore gives his speech and does that thing where he waves his hand and puts out the flame, and then later, in his Patronus lesson, Harry does the same gesture, just as a little bit of business. Subtle, but I really liked that mirroring, you know?

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