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Re: Hermione & Neville 2008: Commitment, Competence, Compassion

More Rights for Magical Creatures

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As most of you will know, I have been passionate about the rights of our fellow magical cretures since Neville and I were at school.

To be honest, I approached the subject with compassion and commitment, but I would have done well to acquire more knowledge and wisdom before turning to action.

Since then, I have learned a lot, and my time in the Magical Creature Liaison Department (as I have been calling it ever since I started to work there) gave me the opportunity to speak to many different magical beings, beasts and spirits.

This experience taught me that we will have to proceed with determination, but that we also need to allow ample time for negotiation and conversation.

Essentially, our policy can be summarised thus:
  • We are committed to give equal rights to all sentient magical beings, beasts and spirits resident in Britain and Ireland and the adjacent seas.

  • 'Equal rights' have to be defined according to the needs, abilities and wishes of different species.

  • We are committed to negotiating with all sentient magical creatures to develop an appropriate settlement.

  • The safety of all sentient creatures, magical or non-magical, human, humanoid or non-human, is a priority. Settlements with all creatures who might be a danger to others have to be negotiated accordingly.

  • We are committed to securing appropriate habitats for all magical beings native to the territory under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Magic of Britain and Ireland.

  • We plan to introduce an arbitration service which will help to resolve disputes between different species, be it humans and magical creatures, or different magical creatures. The arbitrators could, for example, deal with issues of ownership of goblin made objects, centaur territory, giant damage to property, house elf dismissal, pollution of merfolk habitat, werewolf discrimination, etc.

  • We are committed to offer information about contacts with other magical being to all sentient inhabitants of Britain, Ireland and the adjacent seas.

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