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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

I voted for the second option because I very much enjoyed the movie. It is probably a close second to the lovely POA as my favourite. Thank the gods that SS and CoS are far behind us.

I last read HP just before DH came out and deliberately didnít reread it before seeing the movie. I find it easier to appreciate a film as a film if I take off my fangirl hat and donít get hung up on all the little book incidents and details that arenít essential to convey the story in a movie and would only drag it down. And the movie that I saw conveyed the essential story.

I actually enjoyed most of the deviations from the book because part of the reason that I go to see a film based on a novel is to see a different take on the same story, characters etc. Itís fun being surprised.

One quibble is that for me the omission of the battle with the Deatheaters made the climax a bit flat. Why did Draco need them in the first place if they did nothing? I donít buy the claim that it would make the Battle of Hogwarts seem repetitive. That is two movies away and on a wholly different scale.

Gambon was as always, excellent. Being far too old to have loved Dumbledore for his grandfatherly aura, I prefer Gambonís energetic, complex, ambiguous portrayal. Jim Broadbent as Slughorn was a joy and I am incapable of being objective about the fabulous Alan Rickman. Oh yes and the young actors improve with every movie. Rupert Grint has a real talent for comedy.

The romance with Ginny was more subdued than I expected but seemed to work.

I think it was futile to foreshadow Ronís later estrangement in DH at the end of HP, if that is what they were doing. Who will remember?

All in all, well done IMO.

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