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Re: Wizarding World of HP... has this happened to anyone else...??

Originally Posted by captain_mills View Post
Just curious... Is the wand you purchased from the "Ollivanders" shop in the WWOHP a resin cast wand or is it real wood?

If it's resin, it does this all the time... I also frequent a message board for scale modelers and there are resin casts of different models. The resin will warp and crack a lot of times too...

If it's wood, then I'd have to see the crack...

That's why I use the real wood in my wands... but so many people want the "fancy" designs that they see in the films... Those are all made of resin as of the third film...

Ya mine is resin. Do you know how to fix the crack?? I managed to carefully bend it so that the wand was straight again. It was pretty flexible but there is still a crack in it and it will probably bend back soon.

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