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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by Dobby_26 View Post
I went in July, and the place was packed seeing as it had just opened. I loved it, but I can't really see where they could expand unless they took away some of the other parks. Frankly that whole Sinbad section could be toppled over and they could expand there. But even without the expansion it's something that every HP fan should go to.

Just a suggestion though, go at night. Florida is a disgustingly hot state, and the lines only make it seem hotter.
Welll thats the thing. I am pretty sure if they do expand they will probably take over the rest of the Lost Continent. Other then that, they might try and put something Harry Potter in Universal Studios to even out the crowd. nothing like hogsmeade but maybe another simulator type ride. They are looking to shut down either ET or Jaws or both. both these rides could be converted to a real set Harry potter ride. A flight thru the Forbidden Forest for the ET ride, or a boat ride in the black lake for Jaws. Who knows really.

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