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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

My pet peeves:

Harry's summers with the Dursleys not explained. I had to tell people who did not read the books why he couldn't just move in with the Weasleys.

The prophesy not properly explained. They never say why Voldemort wanted it so bad (how he only heard a bit of it from Snape), or how Neville could have been placed in Harry's position.

Dumbledore's past not fully revealed. They build it up and then leave it unattended, making those who have read the book fill in for those who haven't.

Dudley's redemption being omitted (also, Percy, Kreacher and Grindelwald's). I thought it was an important part in the Harry Potter series to show that people can change for the better.

The Burrow being burned in the Half-Blood Prince. It was not in the book, so I didn't see the point, and it wasn't a minor deviation from the book (like Peeves being omitted); the Weasley's house burnt down!

The memories of Tom Riddle being omitted. Personally, I thought that was the whole point of the Half-Blood Prince, educating Harry and preparing him to confront Voldemort by giving him knowledge of why Voldemort was the way he was.

Voldemort feeling his Horcruxes being destroyed. As explained in the books, Voldemort became less human in his attempts to become immortal, and therefore coiuld not feel certain emotions as normal humans could feel.

Voldemort not being defeated in front of everyone. No one seemed bothered to know if and how he had been defeated.

Harry stealing Neville's moment in DH2, and then running away, causing Voldemort to chase him throughout the castle. I felt like it was some weird episode of Tom and Jerry (lol).

Harry not repairing his wand with the Elder Wand. Harry loved his wand.

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