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Re: Harry Potter Theme Park v.2

Originally Posted by HMN View Post
Really? I'm so surprised to hear that. When I went last year it was very busy. The only place that I saw with a constant line to purchase something. Do you know what they're replacing it with? Or do they just assume that selling all the candy in one park will suffice?

I'm sure the opening will be as big as the original. I'm still a little annoyed that you have to buy the double park pass to view both areas (Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade) and I wonder if that will affect anything. Or I guess most people go knowing that you have to spend a ton of money on tickets anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
Honeydukes will take up the entire store. The Zonkos facade is still there though. You only have to buy a double park pass to ride the Hogsmeade Express between parks. You can still see each part with a single park pass. They will sell ticket upgrades at each station.

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