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Re: Would Voldemort come back as a ghost?

I hadn't thought of this!

Despite some of the earlier posts, we've been given plenty of clues to indicate Voldemote is terrified of death - its the whole reason behind making horcruxes in the first place!

Whether he would be able to with an incomplete soul is interesting, but given that only one horcrux seems to be needed in order to come back (or why make so many?) its possible in my opinion that only one piece of soul may be needed to become a ghost.

Wasn't Rob Roy quartered and his body sent to the four corners of Britain so his soul couldn't rest? I wonder if this would apply to LV too? I supposes this would depend on whether the soul pieces are destroyed at the same time the horcruxes are, or if they pass to into the afterlife and put into storage or something until the whole lot can re-unite or regroup terminator 2style!

I doubt LV would be anywhere as close to being as powerful after spliting up like that if he could become a ghost. I think the key will be LV deciding death is the better option and not being left with the idea of having unfinished buisness, which seems to be the key in becoming a ghost in the first place. Its more like the type of ending I'd expect from Jo than leaving a loose thread where LV could come back and another series start up. She's been pretty clear this won't happen, so there would have to be a definate end to LV.

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