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Re: Reactions of Non-readers

Excuse me but how the heck is OotP supposed to be 'action-packed'?
How could people be disappointed with HBP?
OotP had: Dementor attack, Flight of the Order, DA meetings, Nagini's attack, Dumbledore's Flight/Patronus DA lesson, Thestrals flight, Department of Mysteries battle, Voldemort VS Dumbledore duel. These are the only action scenes in the film and half of them are not even 'action-packed' (DA meetings, Nagini's attack-you can't call these action scenes but anyway). The climax of OotP was 17-18 minutes long. And the aftermath was too short and quick and cheerful that destroyed the entire mood. How could people find this an action film where the entire film is about Umbridge?
HBP is far more entertaining in many ways. It blends darkness (Death Eaters attacks to London,Burrow and their invasion to Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy's mission, Tom Riddle memories, Cave, the necklace and poisoned mead accidents, Snape), fun (Quidditch,Weasleys Shop,Luna,Slughorn,Potions,Slug Parties etc), romance (Lav-Lav, Oppugno, Ginny, Cormac etc.)...How could this film be less entertaining or even boring comparing to OotP? OotP was a boring film. In the beginning I really liked it. But after 2 times I started realizing its severe flaws. A film that has to do with Umbridge. Entirely. Small portions shine in the middle of the film and takes us away from the boring colors,boring sets,boring storyline: Dumbledore's Army and Occlumency. But then again we're back to Grawpy (another bunch of 2 indifferent scenes) and again Umbridge's empire. Even the beginning of the film (Dursleys and Dudley's horrible performances, the boring Trial,the entire silence during almost all scenes) can't improve this. It's not until the climax begins where things start boiling. Even though the Prophecies scene is atmospheric and eerie and the chase/destruction is impressive and fun we cut to the Veil Room scene that felt to me indifferent. A pathetic death scene, a chaotic 1-minute fight scene with smokes and lights flying around the room and that's it. The Voldy VS Dumbly duel was a truly high point, actually the highest point of the film. But again, everything happened so quickly so it's a blink and you'll miss moment. The possession was good and that's it. It's over. We have a 4-minute aftermath with a bunch of indifferent scenes. Dumbledore discussing the prophecy for 40 seconds, Harry packing his things (really?) for another 20 seconds, 1 minute with Luna and another 1 minute the train scene. Well Voldemort really back? Does Harry feel anything at all for Sirius death? Oh and the prophecy explanation was so interesting yeah sure. :|
HBP is far far more interesting and entertaining. It's choppy at times, yes. But the editing is far better than OotP and GoF's. The climax is not as action-packed as OotP's because it focuses more on the emotional side of the story. And that satisfied me better. I got chills when Dumbledore was drinking the potion, the Draco scene atop the Astronomy Tower, Harry VS Snape short moment and the wand tribute to Dumbledore. And Quidditch,Burrow attack,Sectumsempra,London attack and all the brief action moments (Ron poisoning,Harry spying Draco,Katie Bell necklace scene,Harry spying Draco in Knockturn Alley and Hogwarts Express) with the combination of the mystery and romance created a far far better movie experience for me and for my friends.

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