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The Quidditch Pitch: Guidelines

The Quidditich Pitch is a Harry Potter games forum. That is, any game, puzzle or quiz that relates to the HP books has a place here. You can be as inventive as you like when coming up with your game, just remember to do a search first in case your game is already being played.

We will not allow non-HP related topics, including chat threads except the four staff approved threads. There are four chat threads (Pitchside: Halftime Chat, HP Past, HP Present and HP Future) you can use.

The penalty for ignoring this request can be met in the following three ways, in accordance with how the staff wish to handle it.
  1. You may be asked to remain outside of the QP and not post for 3 months
  2. You will formally awarded the title of "I Wrecked Quidditch" and dumped into a new usergroup where your name will appear in pink. Oh and you'll be banned from posting in the QP and have four warning points added to your profile, one away from a banning.
  3. You'll just be outright banned.

Number 2 for some maybe considered a reward but the points warning and banning won't be funny for long, although we may laugh long into the night about it.

Anyway, this is the deal, done and dusted and sponsored by all our commercial sponsors.


The Staff

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