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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

I think the court scene is a little hollow, it lacks impact, it all seems too stilted. I love the scene in DDs office though, I love how old DD looks as he stares into his reflection in the cabinet (with the Deathly Hallows symbol to his left!), but when he turns around, the wrinkles sort of vanish. I like how DD is quite emotional (remember he's seen Bartys body, unlike in the book, which explains why he is a bit more human in this scene).

Darwin, I think the weird DD staring thing is a result of splicing odd takes together. You can see it shifts from DD staring ahead, then it cuts to a wider angle and DD is looking at Harry before he walks away. Sloppy editing. How I miss the days of POAs one take scenes. Oh well. I do find it amusing that they reused the beard from the COS flashback (even though it's only a decade or so ago! I guess it has to be clear to the audience that we're in the past).

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