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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

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Well another first for the thread, this time I'mma going to discuss 3 chapters, in one sitting. In this discussion I'll be spreading it out over 2-3 days (depending on how much gets discussed). In this case I guess I'll be focusing more on the characters involved in the graveyard scene. Next time would be more about the set and SFX and the 3rd day something else. But bring up whatever any of you want.

IMHO the graveyard scene sort of continues the excellent adaption of the previous chapter. The only real gripes I had were the uber silly Death-Eater costumes (in comparison to OoTP's), Wormtail being a bit too fanatical as expressed earlier in [i]GoF Chp 1: The Riddle House, a bit of Radcliffe's acting and some other small things I'm sure I'll bring up.

I must say, being Cedric's near to final scene, he never fails to impress until the end. His amusement that the cup was a portkey, his concern for Harry and once again the bringing the real life aspect of wizarding defense with his stance with his wand:

It just makes so much sense.

However me personally, I think Fiennes steals the entire scene. I love him as Voldemort here, he just has a presence of pure evil. It does help greatly that he was capable of such evil parts as seen in Schindler's List but more sinigficantly IMHO Red Dragon. Just seeing him smiling with evil teeth again reminds me of it. Now while many people think that he seemed a bit...lively for the dark lord in comparison to the books, I personally found him to be loads better.

What I like about him was how eloquent and charismatic he was. I've always listened to the audio books by Jim Dale and therefore had an impression of how Voldemort sounded, a bit calmer and deadlier. However when JKR mentioned that Voldemort was a psychopath, I've never really gotten that impression from the books. Yes a bit of an impatient, angry and kill-easy villain, but never really a psychopath in the real sense. I mean yes psychopaths aren't like movie or television psychopaths. They don't act out however dealing strictly with movie and tv psychopaths in that vein, I love this interpretation of Voldemort. It makes sense that he'd have to be so lively and charismatic for anyone to follow him. That he'd have almost the showmanship to get people to follow him into killing and imprisoning muggles. I love how he has instances where he might snap and that makes sense that to be feared, you have to make people unaware of when your anger will be unleashed. How Voldemort acted in the books and considering the power of certain spells, it does make you wonder how he could keep anyone in line when everyone could use the same spells he does.

There's also a grace to him that I really admire adding to Voldemort, that dueling with magic is almost like a dance to him. While in the 3rd task we get the first instance of large powerful magic with the instance of the tornado taking Fleur to safety (or so I hope); this is the first time we get to see a long drawn out instance of someone very comfortable with magic and using their whole body (not just the wand) in performing it. Much like how the link was establish, how Voldemort used his non-wand hand to almost channel the magic in the duel. Or how he just holds it when he asks Harry to bow; very much like a conductor's wand. The evil contines as he descrates the dead by stepping on Cedric and the lines he utters are just perfect...perfect villain prose.

Isaacs...he was alright however he does seem a bit more restrained. Also it is quite funny and almost immasculating to Voldemort that Lucius is a bit taller than the Dark Lord. But then again, Voldemort is going shoeless today. Pettigrew does go back to his cowardly way as seen in PoA (film and novel) but it does make me wonder whether JKR debated the fate of Pettigrew for a while? Whether this interpretation of he's obviously evil look how he's enjoying/smiling inspired her to have him be aligned with evil to the end in DH? Lastly Radcliffe, well we have to listen to him scream and scream; which didn't feel like he was in all that much pain. It really felt faked. It's quite sad because he also had that Frozen Face Syndrome which really didn't sell that he was in pain. What's worst was his nigh comedic face of when Voldemort touched his scar where he had that "OOOOOOOOOOH" face which seemed more suited for a sitcom than absolute burning pain.

However he does redeem himself. By acting confused and completely scared in front when Voldemort releases him for the duel, he has that face of a deer in headlights. He's totally screwed and totally frightened with nothing to help him. In addition to his wonderful switch between fear and resolve when he was hiding behind the statue that was a good piece of acting.

Like I said before, Fiennes...makes this scene for me. I watched GoF for a second time and walked out of the theatre right after this scene so it goes to show how much I love this scene and pretty much dislike a portion of the film.

Things of Note

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