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Originally Posted by sparkly
Since we know from JKR that Krum will turn up in Book 7, I think he will play a part in Ron and Hermione getting together as a couple. Ron and Hermione have unfinished business regarding Krum, and whether he attends the wedding or appears later in the story, he will spark a discussion (more likely an argument) between Ron and Hermione that will clear the air and allow them to acknowledge their feelings for each other.

I agree with this, Krum will probably be the final factor in Ron and Hermione getting together.

I also think Krum will have some information about horcruxes since he attended a school that specialized in the Dark Arts, and he'll share that information with Harry - maybe through Hermione.

I'm thinking something of this possibilty, that Krum will have some information on something of the Horcrux's, maybe the old headmaster knew something about Voldemorts or something, we can only speculate.
I also agree that Krum will be a factor in Ron and Hermione truly getting together. And also, about Krum knowing something about Horcruxes. His old headmaster was a DE so maybe he knew something that he told Krum. Karkaroff was always fond of Krum.

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