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No offense to Deevo or anyone else who thought it, but I never liked the theory that Ron and Hermione were already together but "hiding" their relationship. I just don't think they would do that to Harry. For one thing, when they get finally together, Ron is going to be over the moon with happiness and I can't see him wanting to hide it from any one, least of all Harry.

Harry will be the first person they tell and they will tell him soon after it happens - either that or he will witness it. Personally, I hope he witnesses it so we can witness it too!

I think they will get together in the beginning of the book. The wedding is a good possibility. I also think there will some catalyst to bring it about. Ron came out his relationship with Lavender more mature and more confident and he and Hermione were very close at the end of HBP but I think he still has some issues to work out. First off, they have to deal with the whole Lavender thing. He may now be worried that Hermione won't love him back because of him hurting her like that. Second, Krum is still an issue. Ron is threatened by Hermione's friendship with Krum. That has to be dealt with as well.

I've been thinking for a while that Krum would be a guest at the wedding and that would be the catalyst for Ron and Hermione to finally get together. I wonder what would happen if Krum showed up with a girlfriend?

I like the idea that Krum might know something about Horcruxes. Durmstrang actually taught the students the Dark Arts so it is possible that he knows about them. That could also be a catalyst - Krum helping them look for them.


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