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Originally Posted by Deevo
Though it's a tad redundant now I'd just like to clarify that while I thought they were already a couple at the end of OOTP I didn't think they were so much hiding it as keeping to themselves initially because Harry was behaving like such a prat and at the end out of deferance to his loss. Were the situation different I've no doubt he would have been the first to know. Like I said that's all redundant now as it didn't materialise that way.
Yeah, it's redundent now but I never liked that theory. I just don't think they would hide something that important from Harry even if he was being a prat. He wasn't a prat through the whole book - not to them anyway.

This is how I look at it. Ron and Hermione are a couple and have been for years. The problem is that THEY don't know they are a couple. The only thing left is for them to realize it and admit their feelings.

Pretty much what I've been thinking.
Another possibility that someone else mentioned is that they could be forced to live in close quarters when they start searching for the Horcruxes. I like that idea as well. They're going to the Dursleys - I can't see the Dursleys being hospitable enough to offer Hermione the guest room. They may all have to sleep in Harry's room. Where are they going to stay when they go to Godric's Hollow? The Potter's house was destroyed. There are a lot of possibilities there.

Actually that's a good point and one I've not given much thought to, must be because I'm a guy . I figured the whole Lavender lip trip issue was pretty straightforwardly over but we never really got to see any closure from Hermione's side of it.
The Lavender lip trip was more complicated I think. I think there was more to it than making Hermione jealous. I don't think Ron actually believed he could make Hermione jealous until it actually happened. I think it was a combination of being hurt and angry because he found out Hermione and Krum kissed, feeling bad about himself in general (particularly regarding Quidditch), and being hurt and angry because he thought Hermione didn't believe he could play Quidditch well without Felix Felicis. Lavender flirted with him and complimented him and her timing was perfect. She caught him at a low point when he was hurt and angry and her attention made him feel better.

Oh definately, it's the one issue that I've thought to be a crucial one. Still with the whole Lavender episode it does even up their relationship now and adds some more commonality to their situations. Now if only they'd talk about it. .
Absolutely. That is the key to everything. They need to talk about everything that's happened.

I quite like the idea of Viktor as a wedding guest, I really like his character as he seems a pretty decent sort of chap but a girlfriend (or wife as early marriage seems to be popular in the wizarding world) could make for an interesting meeting, especially if she's not immediately recognised for who she is .

Like I said I like Viktor, he seems a nice guy and his background and education at Durmstrang would make him a useful ally for Harry. Too bad we have to wait a couple of years to find out.
JKR did say that Viktor would be back. We just don't know when, where, or how.


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