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Originally Posted by Untouchable_X
I think the next major problem thats going to come this way is going be Harry.
Its the classic scenario of two best friends getting together the other one feeling left out..

Sorry I dont have qoute but Harry thinks in on of the books that if they get together they would no longer hang around with him. We all know about harrys CAPLOCK ANGER that shows itself, we may see it again.

Or possibly Harry right at the end will leave the two alone maybe pull a Dumbledore and stun them so they dont get involved.
Harry shows some mild concern in HBP when Hermione asks Ron to go to Slughorn's party with her. He worries that, if they were to get together and then break up, it would destroy their friendship. He then considers the possibility of them becoming like Bill and Fleur and getting so wrapped up in each other that he would be pushed to the side. Both are valid concerns but neither will come to pass. Harry decides to simply watch them and see if their behavior towards each other changes.

Another significance, this occurs before he starts dating Ginny. Harry hasn't really had a relationship before. He had one kiss and one date with Cho. This is a whole new experience for him. I think Harry will want Ron and Hermione to be happy. I don't think we're going to see angry moody Harry return just because Ron and Hermione get together.


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