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Re: The All-Inclusive HBP Movie Thread v.6

Originally Posted by ArryGrotter View Post
Yes, we NEED that trailer!

Originally Posted by ArryGrotter View Post
Since there's two chapters left to discuss (ones of which we discuss frequently), I think we've discussed everything possible, honestly...
Ah, what the heck, let's finish this up, here they are:

Chapters 29 and 30

If you wish to view the Previous Chapters you can find them here:

Ch. 1 and 2

Ch. 3 and 4

Ch. 5 and 6

Ch. 7 and 8

Ch. 9 and 10

Ch. 11 and 12

Ch. 13 and 14

Ch. 15 and 16

Ch. 17 and 18

Ch. 19 and 20

Ch. 21 and 22

Ch. 23 and 24

Ch. 25 and 26

Ch. 27 and 28

29. Phoenix Lament (21 pg.)- 3 minutes (Possibly Cut)

- Ginny leads Harry to the Hospital Wing
- Discussion with the Order (RECOUNT of EVENTS) and the Fawke’s Lament
- McGonagall asks Harry what happened and the heads of houses arrive
-discussion of closing the school

30. The White Tomb (19 pg.)- 4 minutes

- Dumbledore’s funeral
- Hermione discovers that Eileen Prince was Snape’s mother
- Harry breaks up with Ginny
“Voldemort uses people his enemies are close to”
- Harry says he WON’T return to Hogwarts
- Ron and Hermione pledge to stay by his side
“We’re with you whatever happens”

NOTE: This is ALSO an OUTLINE of the Book in addition to being an estimated TIMESTAMP for the Film!

Thoughts on WHAT should/will be INCLUDED and HOW you want these Chapters FILMED???


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