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Re: Is there anything in the movies that you like more than in the books?

There really isn't much that really surpassed what the books did. In someways they are each on par or in their own way that I don't really associate or compare it with the source material for quality or my enjoyment. But there are a few things that really made me say wow...this is Harry Potter?
  • Dementors (PoA): The entire idea of Dementors was quite weird for me. In someways I did find them to be frightening, but most of that was from Harry's perspective and personal involvement. There is a certain atmosphere about Dementors however it's mainly due to talking about them as opposed to actually seeing them work their deadly magic. Even though I still had that idea in mind, the actual design of what a dementor looked like or acted was more akin to a walking rotting corpse that could suck out your soul and your happiness.

    It seems a bit off considering that I considered Demntors to not act like the typical zombie, all ferocious or jittery and yet they have that mob mentality of zombies. Yet at the same time they seem entirely capable of sentient thought and discussion however instinctually animalistic they might be. The other problem is that there aren't many instances of Dementors attacking people or direct conflict with Harry so their presence on a visual scale would be minimized.

    When PoA came out I never really had an idea as to how the Dementors were going to be shown, in fact I didn't expect much of anything from the film. But when I saw them, they did an excellent job. I think that making them float was possibly the greatest choice possible. It skipped certain Ringwraith comparisons because they were less like...sniffing dogs as the Wraiths come off to be. They also became more ethereal and therefore more of a threat because it doesn't seem like a human/zombie that you could kick down. They seem more like a spirit or ghost that you cannot touch at all. And best of all you don't get the feeling that they are like an angry mob like zombies...but like a hive mind, cold and calculating like wasps or bees. Coupled with the constant reminder that the Dementors are out there, watching and killing life by their very presence shows how deadly they are without words.

    All in all Dementors became one of the most dangerous creatures in the HP movie universe because they managed to take the atmosphere of word and put it into film.

  • Quidditch (PoA): It's amazing how 5 minutes of this Quidditch was 100x better than all the quidditch combined in the previous two films. It was quick, it was viceral, it was vicious and dangerous. Just what teens want from a sport and best of all it showed one of the best air chase scenes I've ever seen. It made me wonder if I was even watching HP at all considering how intense and well shot this scene was. The great visual appeal of an umbrella flying by while a Dementor passed quickly over the camera which makes you think..."wait a second...there was only one umbrella lost that match". There was trouble and came in spades. You can sense the desperation of Harry trying to get away from the Dementors when suddenly, wherever he goes, and whatever he does leads him smack dab in a swarm of Dementors. You actually felt trapped and you actually felt that Harry is going to be a stain on the stadium floor. It's times like these you realize that this is a film and not a children's movie just made for the sake of existence. Someone wanted to make a film and we got it.

  • Time Turner Sequence (PoA): They managed to make something that was originally in the novel that was mostly waiting, waiting and more waiting into something kinetic. I love time travel sometimes when done smartly and correctly in such a way that it makes a significant impact. More importantly they made time travel far more significant a presence in the film that not only elevates the involvement of Time Travel Harry and Hermione with the time stream, but also the presence of Dumbledore in aiding them in his own little eccentric way. Most of all, it was fun...REALLY fun.

  • The Dragon (GoF): I love dragons and they are my most favorite mythical beastie. Now in GoF I did have some gripes. In some way I did wish the first task was like the book as opposed to "Gone in 60 seconds with broomsticks and dragons" However in the book, the dragon that Harry faced never really seemed all that vicious. You have more fun seeing Harry outwit the dragon as opposed him defeating something so vicious. In some way it didn't seem so vicious at all, just protective. In fact looking back JKR didn't really seem to describe the movement of the Dragon all that great IMHO, but I guess we don't have any real dragons to reference.

    But in GoF the film, it's like they caught a real live dragon and put it in. Granted there was not point of reference as to how vicious Harry's dragon was compared to the others, but still it acted like a complete animal. It had intent to hurt Harry and instead of protecting it was taking the offensive. What I loved when they were on the tower roofs and the dragon is inching towards Harry. His movement and even lack of footholds/clawholds slow him slipping down the roof here and there which makes it seem more alive.

  • The Merperson City (GoF): I liked the merpeople city. From JKR's description it just seemed like some kinda quaint village under the sea with cottages. However in the movie it seemed like an ancient lost civilisation.

  • The Third Task (GoF): Didn't expect that did you now? What I loved the best about this part is that they made something particularly plodding into something terrifying. They made the hedge an actual threat and presence as opposed to the inhabitants within. The fact that nerves are required to battle what is inside makes for a thrilling scene that could have easily been bored by children oriented puzzles, riddles and little beastis which would have probably looked terrible.

  • Voldemort (GoF): I loved it. Aside from the twins probably stole the entire show out from under Radcliffe and Co. Fiennes playing Voldemort brought a life and viltality to what was only hinted in the books. You see even though there is plenty of talk about Voldemort and how he acts, when you actually read the parts involving him, you never really get the idea that he is all that dangerous. He seems calmer for a psychotic but far more human with a bad mood than someone who loves to kill. Bellatrix seemed more evil than him. However how Fiennes played him...I really can believe him to be a leader of Deatheaters. His showmanship, his eloquence with wit and dialogue. He moved like a snake and channeling his Red Dragon self he was pure evil. He didn't feel like a villain who wanted to spank Harry Potter for destroying his body and leaving him to a lesser existence for 13+ years. He felt that he was someone who was very happy to come back and ready to kill him.

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