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Re: Is there anything in the movies that you like more than in the books?

I was thinking of this the other day and one of the reasons I can't wait to see OotP is because I think the movie has quite some potential to be better than the book. Many descriptions and action scenes can be shown easily and more effectively on screen (the scenes in the DoM, for example). For the movie, everything will have to be streamlined too and since one of the problems with the book had to do precisely with editing, this will be something the movie will most likely do better than the book.

I like the uniforms that they have in the movies. To be honest, I never quite got into the imagery in the books. I never "saw" the characters wearing hats although I knew they wore them, for example, and I had a very feeble image of what school robes constituted.

I too loved what they did with the Dementors. They were really creepy.

The first task was terrific, it's one of my favorite scenes in the movies. It's not that I like it more than how it was in the books, but it was just so exciting to watch

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