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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

I think a lot was wrong it in. There was no funeral, no battle, and as far as i know, bellatrix never set the Burrow on fire. Also, it was stupid how Lupin and Tonks were together in the movie, because i thought that was a big shock in the 7th, and they didn't even have that sort of saddness that was in the books. Also, Voldemort wasn't even in it, in his present form, and i think that since he is a cruicial part in every part of every book and move, he deserved at least some film time. Also, the whole Ginny/Harry thing was much too short. If they were going to do it, at least do it right, the way it was, not just a kiss and then its done. That was just stupid. Also, it really bothered me about how they just killed Dumbledore, and left. What was the point in having allthe other Death Eaters come, if they just gp and calmy walk away(well, with the exception of Bellatrix going al psycho and ruining the Great Hall.) It was pointless. As was the whole Snape going *shh* to Harry. way to give it away that MAYBE he isn't all bad! i will admit though, some of it did have that magical qualiy, but i just think that they could have made it better. I did love the Felix scene, when harry was all happy, i was cracking up with my friend, that was a reallly funny scene. Also, i think that the canary scene was done good. As far as Draco's role, i think that it was really, really, good. The way they showed him so vulnerable, andi felt really bad for the bird when it came back dead, i almost cried...yea im a little bit of a softy, but still. it seemed like Draco's only friend had left him. so yea these are my views on the movie.. kind of mixed..but i guess it could have been worse.

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