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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

There are so many ways Half Blood Prince could have been taken. That's what I do love about this particular story. You either focus on Harry and his doubts/concerns/etc or you focus everyday school life (basically Ron/Hermione/Lavender) and they chose to do the latter which isn't a bad thing.

I can sort of see why Yates would want to do something different. Order of the Phoenix was sad and gloomy throughout and it isn't uncommen for a director to want to do something different. He chose to put the darker aspects of Half Blood Prince to the side and focus more on the romance. This film could've been so many things but I've grown to really like what we have.

I still wish we would have had atleast one more memory. There's just to long of a stretch between the first and the second. Snape's DADA class should've been in and if they did a few things differently with the Burrow scene it would've been amazing.

I've grown to love this movie though. I hated it at first and it's really grown on me. Yates is good with actors and it's just nice to enjoy the year with these characters. Maybe that was his whole purpose. Do I wish there were more of the parallells between Voldemort/Harry. Of course. One more memory (the one where Tom Riddle comes back for the job imo) and a scene where Dumbledore tells Harry that he trusts Snape would have done wonders.

The Half Blood Prince is a beautiful piece of work though and I'm still not tired of watching it yet. Draco's journey was wonderful and Slughorn was humanized in a way that suprised me. I love Broadbents potrayal and is probably one of my favorite things about the film. If they put as much time into Snape/Harry as they did Harry/Slughorn it would've been AMAZING.


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