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Little Questions Answered v.21

This thread is meant for short questions and short discussions related to the Potterverse which are supposed to get a clear answer. In depth discussions can be done in existing threads (especially concerning analysis of characters).

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Originally Posted by d0rked27 View Post
I have a question about Prisoner of Azkaban- I apologize if this has already been brought up.

JKR writes that Lupin's briefcase is very old and the letters that spell out "Professor Lupin" are worn and peeling. If he was only a professor this one year, why would the letters be so worn? He makes it sound as if he has never taught before too- when he talks to Harry at the end about the dangers of him being a teacher.
Originally Posted by Lord Godric View Post
I would just imagine that he had "Professor Lupin" magically inscribed into his already old and tattered briefcase.
Originally Posted by Dedalus Diggle View Post
That was my initial reaction, but then why were the letters worn and faded?
Originally Posted by Lord Godric View Post
To match?
Originally Posted by ShadowSonic View Post
He got it from another Professor Lupin for a low price?
Originally Posted by merrymarge View Post
I just thought that he might have used the briefcase in other jobs. He had to do something after he left Howarts. Eventually, Umbridge got the Ministry to pass laws to prevent him from working.
Originally Posted by xhanax315 View Post
This is what I had been thinking, why make the letters look brand new if his briefcase was all tattered?
Originally Posted by HedwigOwl View Post
Which actually makes sense. If the letters were new and the case old and worn, wouldn't that just make the case look that much worse?
Originally Posted by twinsrule26 View Post
I wonder if the case was a hand me down from Remus's father or some other member of his family ?

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