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Re: Underground Lake #40 - The Deathly Hallows Underground Theory

Interesting theory!

I always thought that due to Voldmorts absence...He must be planning somthing HUGE up his sleeve! And this might just be it. I always thought there was somthing more to that Veil....And as soon as i saw the U.S. cover i knew that they must be on the otherside of the Veil, And it makes sense for Voldemort to want to take over the land of the dead because his ultimate goal is to conquer death and live forever....And what better way to do that then to use his "relics of death".....I believe that his Horcruxes serve more than one purpose other than just a 'safeguard'....Just as Dumbldore mentions about Riddle's diary, I think that Voldemort could be using his Horcruxes as an anchor so he can be able to travel safely to the otherside of the veil without dieing so he can take over.

Trio walks in and informs Snape and Mcgonagall about the WB's evil plan to push the Half-Blood Prince to july 17, 2009.......

Mcgonagall:Do you think it will work Severus?
Snape: Of course it will....The WB muggles will think this necklace is worth millions of dollars and they will grab it, Then the spell i casted will work and they will all turn into........
Mcgonagall:A bunch of babbling, bumbling band of baboons!....Now Hurry up and package it already!...Serves them right!.
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