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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

I think that as long as Voldemort is still operating mostly by stealth Hogwarts is safe. As a matter of fact, I think that, given that it's a castle and far better defended than anywhere else in England, I think it will become an actual fortress instead of a school for most of the remainer of the war.

However, Voldemort is not planning to simply cause terror and mayhem. He wants to take over England and eventually the rest of the world. At some point, he is going to need to declare himself openly and establish himself as a ruler instead of the leader of a terrorist guerilla force. And when he does that, Hogwarts seems like exactly the kind of place he'd establish himself in. It's defended certainly, and he has a connection to the place, and it has a great deal of history, but all that is secondary: it's main value is that it's symbolic. It's the heart of the wizarding community. To quote The Thirteenth Warrior, "Wars are won in the will. Strike the will." When Voldemort is sitting in Hogwarts commanding his army of death eaters and who knows what else, and noone has the power to dislodge him, everyone will know it's over. At some point I'm positive he'll try to take the school, towards the end of the book as his plans finally come to fruition.


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