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Re: A Possible Voldemort Takeover of Hogwarts

Okay so as I am starting to reread the books I just noticed this in PS/SS. It kind of got my wheels spinning a bit. I didn't really buy the whole takeover of Hogwarts thing as I assumed DD would have had a backup plan for it being proteced. But, then I read this:
...."One o' the only safe places left was Hogwarts. Reckon Dumbledore's the only one You-Know-Who was afraid of. Didn't dare try takin' the school, not jus' then, anyway.(SS, 73)
Ahhhhh! We know that DD is gone and so even if he did set up magical enchanments protecting the school, LV has no reason to not go there. What if he tries to go after GG's sword, or just wants to take over the school. Is the last line of the quote forshadowing to a possible future takeover? I mean I don't know of any time the LV had tried to take over the school...
What do you guys think?

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