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Re: A series completed: Analysis of all eight movies in one

Which movie out of all eight of them is your favourite? Why?
If you could name one moment which you consider your favourite for all movies which one is it?

Split between DH1 and DH2 - they're the only two movies which stay extremely close to the text without being detrimental to the film. Not sure about my favorite moment because I haven't watched the movies enough to know for sure.

Which director did the best job of portraying the Wizarding World?
Would you have preferred one director for all eight movies?

David Yates, without a doubt. Cuaron second. Columbus got the job done in PS and CS but I'm glad he was replaced. I only wish one of Cuaron, Yates or someone like that could have directed GoF - Newell was awful.

Which story arc has been fleshed out the best during the movies? Examples: Coming of Age story of the Trio, Harry vs Voldemort, The Marauder vs Snape, Snape as Dumbledore's inside man etc.

Snape's story was portrayed brilliantly, but I'm biased because that's one of my favorite arcs. Only flaw was that it made him a bit too good - obscured his deep complexity and genuine character flaws. I just wish they gave more for Rickman to do either way.

Which character has had the best portrayal (script wise and acting wise)?
Which actor or actress in their role has been a revelation to you?

My favorite portrayals are Snape, Luna and McGonagoll. I think they're the only three who I visualize, and read in their voices, when I read the books.

Overall verdict
Are you happy with the Harry Potter movies as a completed series?[/quote]

Yes. Only two things that stick out for me - the watered down Marauders arc, extremely watered down GoF plot (virtually everything in GoF actually).

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