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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.10

Originally Posted by kittling View Post
Excellent point.
A sick man would seem to be more Poppy's concern than anyone else's & tend to feel that Snape may well have wanted proof that the Headmasted actually needed to be disturbed - that would be one of the jobs of both the deputy head & the heads of houses, to deal with things that don't need the Headmasters immediate attention.
I think if Snape had said that he was going to the forest to check things out - or going to alert Poppy to the fact that a man may require her help, Harry's panic may have been relieved to some degree. At least he would understand that someone was going to try to help Crouch. Snape didn't seemed to be concerned with this aspect at all, imo.

I agree he'd wish to determine if Dumbledore was needed. However, it appears he decided that he was not needed by his words to Harry. To me that is not the problem - the problem remains that Snape took no move to act on Crouch's behalf, imo. I understand readers are not likely too fond of Crouch, but imagine if it had been some character people do like who was sick in the dangerous forest and asking to see Dumbledore. The point is that Crouch is as human as those beloved characters and Snape was ignoring his trauma and danger, imo, merely to have a bit of fun at Harry's expense. By his own words, Snape felt that Dumbledore was to busy to deal with a sick man in the dangerous forest and by his own inaction he implied he couldn't care less about it himself, imo.

I retract my earlier statement; perhaps this does tell us something in light of DH. It would appear that Snape had not yet reached the point where he 'no longer watched those die he could save'.


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