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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis v.10

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
I understand readers are not likely too fond of Crouch, but imagine if it had been some character people do like who was sick in the dangerous forest and asking to see Dumbledore. The point is that Crouch is as human as those beloved characters and Snape was ignoring his trauma and danger, imo, merely to have a bit of fun at Harry's expense.
If readers choose to interpret Snape in a different way in this scene, I don't see how that means they don't care about Crouch or his well-being.

By his own words, Snape felt that Dumbledore was to busy to deal with a sick man in the dangerous forest and by his own inaction he implied he couldn't care less about it himself, imo.
Yes, that is how at first glance the scene comes across: that Snape is his usual horrible self and he doesn't care. But as ever, where Snape is involved, things are not always quite what they seem. (And sometimes they are.)

If we look at the conversation again:

"What are you doing here, Potter?"

"I need to see Professor Dumbledore!" said Harry, running back up the corridor and skidding to a standstill in front of Snape instead. "It's Mr. Crouch . . . he's just turned up ... he's in the forest... he's asking -"

"What is this rubbish?" said Snape, his black eyes glittering. "What are you talking about?"

"Mr. Crouch!" Harry shouted. "From the Ministry! He's ill or something - he's in the forest, he wants to see Dumbledore! Just give me the password up to -"

That is it. That is all the information Harry manages to get out before Snape interrupts him again.

I am certainly not saying that Snape is behaving nicely, or reasonably! -- clearly he isn't.

But I think it's much more a case of Snape realising far more than he's letting on than him not caring about Crouch. I think he would have relayed this information about Crouch being ill to Dumbledore as soon as he got the chance. That was his job, apart from anything else ... but I don't infer from this incident that he wouldn't have taken Harry's message seriously (and therefore not taken Crouch's plight seriously) -- despite appearances to the contrary.

And that for me is what Snape is very much about ... appearances to the contrary.

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