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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

Originally Posted by The_Legacy
1. The acting of the non core cast members (Mr Crouch anyone? I mean seriously, since when has man from a long line of pure blood british wizards had a French accent? AND he's a British wizards MP pretty much - anywho, he's an appalling actor)
May I ask where you are from? I assure you that Crouch Snr did not speak with a French accent. I thought the acting was far better than the part warranted.

Originally Posted by The_Legacy
2. Michael Gamblins take on Dumbledore.
I won't go into this again.

Originally Posted by The_Legacy
3. Their concern for length of movies - I think someone mentioned this before, but people will go to the movie to enjoy it. As long as they're enjoying the movie throughout, they won't have a care for the time.
This is not true. I spend half my life in meetings. Comfort breaks are necessary within two hours max. People need to use the toilet; they need to move around. Only for epic films will people endure a 3 hour marathon, and HP films are definitely not epic. WB did extensive research after the lukewarm public response to the first two films and found the same complaints being made: too long, too many pointless scenes, too unfocussed.

Originally Posted by The_Legacy
6. Supposedly English characters, and played by English Actors mispronounciating words seemingly so American audiences can feel comfortable. eg: McGonagall and "dance" for some reason caving in like that just annoys me
We English pride ourselves on our inability to pronounce French. Your specific reference to McGonagall baffles me.

Originally Posted by The_Legacy
7. Probably the most important issue, and shows how little the film makers care, or read the books, is everyone's obsession with the words "Lord Voldemort".... you've got Wormtail and other Death Eaters happy to say it when only really a handful should be brave enough too....
This is book trivia and irrelevant for the purposes of communicating clearly to film audiences. How else are audiences to understand who Wormtail is talking to? Even showing Babymort would achieve nothing except confusion, as he has never been seen before.

The film is better than the book #1: Brokeback Mountain

If it's a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience
would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.

Alfred Hitchcock
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