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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

I try not to fuss over the small details in the movies, because they are just that; small. Does it matter if Hermione's dress is pink, or that her hair is not as bushy? Sure, it would be nice to see the little details observed, but I can't see how they spoil the enjoyment of the film. They aren't vital to the story. Also, I'm sure many things are changed for a reason - A blue dress would probably not have stood out against an 'ice-palace' background, and whilst the idea (or part of it) of the ball is to show a transformation of Hermione, it is important she stands out, which she does in many of the overhead shots. And on the GoF extras DVD, Steve Kloves talks about Voldemort's eye colour not being red, so that it would be easier to read - these people have experience and know what they are talking about!

The Harry Potter books are novels, and the movies are adaptations. They are not published as plays, and so do not have to be imitated word for word. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the way they missed out important facts, such are the Marauders information, but, at the end of the day, I suppose the films, like the books, are supposed to be seen as a series, not lots of individual sections, and we still have three to go yet. What is to say that a piece of information that has been missed is not inserted into another movie, where it would seem more relevant?

That being said, if I had to pick one pet peeve, it would be the cheesiness and child like apprach to some scenes, and in some cases, the humour.

Sorry for the long rant; I haven't posted here for a while

Philip PullmanNo one medium can supplant all the others: once a book has become a movie, the book doesn't become redundant; but each medium has its own strengths and weaknesses… Inevitably, film-makers for reasons of practicality are going to want to abridge the plots of the books in order to create their screenplays: and that can be hard on an author. But, whatever happens to the film, I can rest assured that the book will still be there in its entirety for people to read.
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