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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

At the beginning Hermione says to Ron "just tell him yourself" which I thought (after) conveyed the truth of that whole tortuous episode. Then after Harry saying "that's mental - how could anyone work that out?". That whole thing was true Potterhead stuff to me - perfect!

I liked how Ron and Harry were making do with Seamus (in my mind the traitor to be) and Neville but not enjoying it as much.
I liked they changed the book name to Waterplants of the Highland Lochs. (although then you can't understand why they had to steal from Snape...did they make it seem he'd stolen from Snape..?)

I thought the dragons looked like someone spraying gasoline out of a cage. I thought the dragons were fire spewing puppets in that scene tho' - like at the premier - and not CGI.

Again, you called it ground level documentary style, but to me it was more - yes like that but I think that is a generous description. Stagey again I'd call it. Harry can't get too close, but it could have been more impressive. (ie Harry being in a tree as the crates pass underneath him) or something.

I liked Hagrid's dialogue with Harry on the walk over. It reminds one that Hagrid is an adult talking to children, and thus how kind he truly is. Not that he is a child-like being.

The other thing is - in POA outside the shrieking shack, Hermione said "do you want to move any closer", which Ron took the wrong way - Hermione was talking about approaching the shack. Ron said "no" of course. Then in GOF Maxine says "La c'est manifique! Can we get any closer?" and then they do get closer to the dragons (and each other).

Originally Posted by DarwinMayflower View Post
[Once again the problem I found is how muddy the light is in this shot. It might be just my monitor, but in general it looks pretty dark. Once again this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it does some representative of an overcast sky; but it's almost too dark at times.
This bugged me a lot in POA too - although I liked that they shot more outside. I'm wondering if this is just Britian & British weather (dark grey) - why the movie industry chose sunny california ... ?

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