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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Originally Posted by underscore View Post
I don't mean to be one of those members who start arguments and stuff, but please don't be silly. That assumption is so ridiculous. OBVIOUSLY the man is acting that way on purpose and has been directed to act that way by the director. It's what we call "range". The opposite of this performance is what we would consider "flat".
I don't agree. DD is barking at them one minute, then soft and tender the next. It's messy, and sounds weird and inappropriate, to go from DD all contemplative in his chair, speaking fondly about Cedric, to being all gruff like he is inthe middle, then back to kindly again. A sombre, tender reading like the final few lines would be better than the rollercoaster of tones that DD uses throughout, it just sounds weird, be it for direction or having to splice together different lines in post production. Notice how we don't really see DD once he walks to the lectern, they could easily have tried to change the scene by using different lines from different takes when they dubbed it. I should have phrased it differently in my other post, I should have said Gambons delivery is so variable that it's as if it's spliced together from different takes.

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