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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

Oh God...I can never watch the ending of this movie *sigh* Anyways...

I liked the Eulogy...but I agree it's kinda random that he gets all loud for a second, then back to soft. Maybe it's for dramatic effect. I dunno.

I like the scene in the dorm (Although I'm sure I would like the scene on the balcony better...ARHHGGHHHHHH) I liked the curtain joke, but to me this feels like a scene they wrote near the end of shooting and got Dan and Gambon to film (I don't even remember seeing any cuts on Harry's face during this scene, but they're there for the next. Maybe I should check again...) One of my favorite lines of the entire series is in this scene however. 'Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy' So true and how he slowly looks up at Harry's scar as he says this. Excellent.

Then there's the next scene. I usually stop the movie after this however and I agree that the scene between Dumbledore and Harry would've been a nice ending, but you know we have to see the trio again one last time and HAPPYYYYY!! WHOOO someone just died, but make sure you write me this summer Harry!! AHhhh sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. The worse ending to all the Harry Potter movies to date (I actually didn't like the COS one due to the clapping for Hagrid, but that's just me)

It just seemed so....odd. Oh and the way Emma delievered "Everythings going to change now, isn't it" um....Newell...did you actually think that was good? No wait you weren't on set that day right? One of ur other guys directed it? No....then how come u didn't have her do it over. Newell let Emma get away with ALOT of stuff. I loved her in every movie before this and thankfully it seems like Yates has calmed her down. I've never cringed that much at the acting in the Harry Potter movies as much as I did in this one (Atleast the first watch through)

Alas we get a nice shot of the two schools leaving and we fade to black. And I get out of my seat feeling slightly confused about that ending lol.

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