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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by zgirnius View Post
This will seem cold of me - but the plan regarding Harry's soul bit is not vital to the war effort. As long as Harry dies, and the Horcruxes are destroyed, Voldemort can be killed. The plan for Harry to LET Voldemort kill him (thought Snape did not know it) was the only way Dumbledore could see for the war to be won AND for Harry to have the best chance to live. I imagine this is how he justified keeping this from Snape to himself- Snape knowing could keep it from working, but from everything Dumbledore knew of Snape, he would have agreed with that goal regardless of the cost to himself.
I hadn't really considered that, but I would agree it is a possibility. But that would mean Snape died due to holding his old grudge. Which begs the question as to whether or not it was Dumbledore's plan to have Snape die unless he could let it go...that kind of goes back to my old "Lack of Remorse" Theory. If Snape had had remorse with respect to would leave respect for James and Lily as a couple instead of jealousy/hatred...and that could have led to Snape caring about Harry enough not to give him the message that he had to die. In such a case, it would change nothing for Harry, but everything for Snape because at the point of the battle where Voldemort called him, Snape could have simply recanted before those on the good side and then admitted he was working with them - even help them vanquish the death eaters to prove it. He could have ignored Voldemort's call and instead, worked with the trio and other Order members to try to take out Nagini.

Meanwhile, Harry would do his bit behind Snape's back (and everyone else's) and still win the day.

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