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Re: Lavender "Lav-Lav" Brown: Character Analysis

Hey everyone...I wanted to post MY unbiased answers to these questions before I read the thread...

Lavender's favourite subject is Divination. We know that Trelawney is a true Seer, although her inner eye is often clouded. Do you think that Trelawney was right when she claimed to see real a talent for Divination in Lavender?
This is possible, but it is also VERY possible that Trelawney "saw" that b/c Lav is one of her fave students...or should I say Lav is one of the students who trully believes in Trelawney...

Does her name tell us anything about her character?
If you want to get really deep and speculative about this - then MAYBE, but I doubt it.

In OotP Lavender believed the lies the Daily Prophet spread about Harry but, later on, she joined Dumbledore's Army. What were her motives? Did she change her mind or was it peer pressure?
They are all kids growing up and trying to mature...I doubt it was as much peer pressure as it was her choice....

In HBP Lavender gained in importance by becoming Ron's girlfriend. Despite her usual silliness she seemed to take their relationship seriously; she even interrogated Harry. Do you think Ron broke her heart?
Yes, but she will get over it..=)

How will this affect her future interactions with the trio?
That doesnt matter, b/c it doesnt....

We have conflicting information about Lavender's background. Is she a pure-blood, a half-blood or Muggle-born and was this or will this be of any importance?
As we have seen in the books (except for a few rare instances, the type of "blood" a wizard is, makes no difference...

Good questions on the lookout, soon I will have my own set of questions for you all...

I just hope I post it in the right place - forgive me I am a first yr. LOL

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