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Re: Merope Gaunt: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by mysterious View Post
Actually I think Merope didn't want to live, I mean we know that she could have saved herself as she was a witch, this seems to suggest that it was a common muggle illness that could have been cured by magic, but she didn't do that, so what do you think are the possibilities that she asked Mrs Cole not to bring in a Doctor or somebody?
I agree that she had given up on her life. I was just pointing out that if a midwife was present, it would not necessarily have survived.

I do think childbirth in the magical and Muggle way is precisely the same and that she just didn't have enough strength. She was already exhausted and weak when she came to London. Childbirth in such a state was just too much for her body.

As for brining in a doctor, I am sure she didn't care anymore what happened to her and didn't ask for anyone.


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