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Re: Nagini - imperiused or possessed?

Originally Posted by Artemis_Fowl_2 View Post
This makes a lot of sense. Nagini was just a loyal pet (for as loyal as a snake can get), who was probably controlled by Voldemort with the Imperius curse.
This wasn't what I meant at all, sorry if I gave that impression. I thought it made sense in conjunction with the rabbit, though zg brings up a good point that a rabbit could hardly climb a rafter. I do think he perhaps got it up there and convinced it to hand itself, though. I don't know, I'm confused now.

Originally Posted by snapegirl77 View Post
Maybe it was a mixture of Nagini being a horcrux, Voldemort knowing this and using it to his advantage, his ability to speak Parseltongue and his fondness of the snake.
I think a lot of it could have been the fact he treated Nagini better than he ever treated any human, she was willing to do his bidding. But, I think being a horcrux has to play into it some where because Dumbledore told Harry that Voldemort had an unusual amount of control over Nagini, even for someone who spoke Parseltongue. I always assumed he said that because he thought Nagini was a horcrux.
I agree with that. It certainly seemed to be Dumbledore's opinion. Anyone else have another interpretation?

Originally Posted by Hes View Post
Voldemort couldn't (completely) control Harry because Harry was aware of the fact that Voldemort could enter his mind. He was possessed with a piece of soul, but also came to the point that he realized (after Ootp) that it wasn't a good thing to let Voldemort in his mind. So he could ward off the dominance of the piece of soul.

Nagini probably didn't know that she was possessed, maybe due to the limits of her brain. Besides she trusted Voldemort and was loyal to him, so she let him control her without fighting him off.
I disagree that she didn't know she was being possessed because I always thought that rats told Peter they stayed away from the area of the forest where Voldemort was located was because there was a shadow that possessed them and gave them shorter lives. I could be wrong as I don't have my books with me, but I'm pretty sure it was something along those lines.
I think it is more likely that she simply didn't fight him off because frankly he treated her better than he treated anyone else.

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